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Zombie Retreat Apk v1.0.4 Download for Andriod

Today we are going to tell you about an interesting game zombie retreat apk that can be easily played on Android. The Zombie Retreat game is developed by developers with a lot of effort and has unique and excellent features. This game has become very popular all over the world. This is a better RPG game than other games. In the Zombie Retreat Apk, the characters are in the jungle where a virus has spread everywhere. A lot of people have become zombies due to this dangerous virus. You are one of those who have survived this virus. People who have become zombies will threaten you but you don’t have to panic but handle this difficult game with your powers.

There will be many more people with you who have survived this virus now you have to keep yourself and others away from this virus. There are also NPCs in the Zombie Retreat Apk that play an important role. Inside the game have tutors where you can improve your skills and learn new skills. There are also maids, one of whom you will have who will be roaming around outside the house. The maid is there to help you from whom you can take help. You can take any help from her. The Zombie Retreat Apk is developed by NCKT Developer. We are presenting you with the brand new version that you need to play.

NameZombie Retreat APK
Size334 MB
Updated9 Days Ago
Average Rating4.8
Rating Count9024
Mod FeaturesOriginal Apk No Mod

Gameplay Of Zombie Retreat Apk

If you have free time then you play the zombie retreat apk latest version as it will keep you busy. There are lots of stages in this game. At first, there will be no special difficulties but as you progress you will have to face a lot of difficulties. Here you get to spend time with some beautiful people. Apart from them, there is much more to be done. Face the odds head-on and use all your skills to save yourself. A variety of scary creatures are always ready and lurking to attack you. You have to avoid them. Eliminate them by using your skills properly and move on. Here are tons of missions for you and in these missions you will get rewards.

zombie retreat apk latest version

This gameplay consists of a huge map. There are many places on this map. You can easily view these places on your Android. It is not difficult to visit these places. You will encounter women everywhere. You have to talk to these women well and build a better relationship. The story of this game is something like that there is a man who goes for a trip with some girls in the forest but a virus spreads everywhere. Then everyone turns into zombies. You have to go to many places to collect things for yourself to survive in this game. You will interact with the many characters. The graphics and sounds of Zombie Retreat Apk are very good. HD Graphics make this game more attractive.

Awesome Features

Collection Of Arms

In the Zombie Retreat Apk, you need weapons. Zombies require special weapons to eliminate them. The game has plenty of weapons and ammo for you to collect. There are some hidden weapons that you have to find. Weapons are a must to kill zombies otherwise you won’t be able to fight zombies. Kill zombies as soon as they come to you. Collect arms by killing zombies. Then use your collected weapons properly and complete the mission. Collecting weapons is a very important feature in the game.

zombie retreat apk 2022

Explore Lands

You have to find lots of lands where people survived the zombie virus. The game is full of challenging challenges. You have to complete these difficult challenges. Try to find every weapon or ammo in the exploring land. The more lands you explore in the game the better for you because you will have plenty of weapons to fight the zombies. Use any of your weapons to kill zombies. So explore the lands to complete the given challenges.

Free Of Cost

We provide you the totally free-of-cost zombie retreat apk for android. There are many games that require you to invest real money but we are providing you with a game for which you don’t need to invest any money. You can easily play this Zombie Treat Apk on your Android by downloading it completely free from our page. If you are fond of zombie games then why not download them now for free and play them on your phone.

zombie retreat apk v1.0.4

Wonderful Graphics

The Zombie Retreat Apk is well designed with pixel graphics. The background system, pictures, and videos of this game are like cartoons that are similar to old-century games. When you play the Zombie Retreat game, its graphics remind you of the 90s games. This game is the most popular RPG game. The interesting sounds of this game increase the player’s interest in playing the game.

Key Features

It will keep you busy.
Its touch control system is very simple.
Get the best gaming experience.
Chat with girls and spend some time.
Fight zombies with the right weapons and access every location on the map.
Face all the challenges and complete the missions.


If you want to know all the information about Zombie Retreat Apk then read the full article above. Without reading this article you will not know the features of this game. Thank you very much for visiting our website. In this gameplay, you have to fight those people who have turned into zombies due to the virus and are attacking you. Save your life in the game. If you have any questions about Zombie Retreat Apk share them with us below. We are ready to answer all your questions.


Q. How to install the Zombie Retreat Apk for Android?

The link is available on our page. So click the link and download it on your Android. When the downloading process is fulfilled, click the install. Then play this game on your Android for free and enjoy it.

Q. Is Zombie Retreat Apk a secure game?

Yes, this game is completely safe, you don’t need to worry about your security with this game.

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