Zenonia 5 Mod Apk

Zenonia 5 Mod Apk v1.3.0 (Unlimited Gold & Zen)

Zenonia 5 mod apk is back again with a new classical and adventurous series. Anime characters are developed in this version which is more enjoyable for anime series lovers. A battle broke out in the world, overpowered, and rich people started to threaten the poor people. When the whole kingdom is led to destruction due to selfish rich people, a hero from a ruined village stands up against these rich people to save poor people from their cruelty and injustice.

After the success of zenonia 4, Com2uS Holdings Corporation introduced a new version of zenonia 5. This is a famous RPG game. This game has 10M+ downloads all over the world. This game was released in November 2012. The free space you need for this game on your device is about 47MB. The last time this game was updated was in 2020. Another wonderful thing about this game is that you can also play this game without any internet connection as it is also an offline game. You can get unlimited features due to the provided zenonia 5 hack version.\

NameZenonia 5 Mod Apk
Size49 MB
Updated8 Days Ago
Average Rating4.4
Rating Count6473
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold & Zen

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zenonia 5 mod apk unlimited zen and stats

The storyline of Zenonia 5 mod apk

In this game, selfish and greedy rich people in Andra city are against the poor people. They are doing injustice to poor people because of their power and money. Darkness rises all over the city, and poor people cannot do something against them. In these difficult situations, a hero stands for the rights of poor people. Then, he started to help and save the people.

In the beginning, you choose the character class and upgrade your hero easily due to unlimited money with the zenonia 5 hacked version. Character classes include Abel, Evan, Neal, and Ryan. This is the best action RPG game. You can choose either storyline or fight mode. Fight against different players worldwide and test your skills in single-player battles. zenonia 5 hackeado also has easy and reliable controls to play an action game.

Features of zenonia mod apk

zenonia 5 mod apk free shopping offline

Characters Class

At the start of zenonia 5 mod apk god mode, you first have to choose the class. There are 4 given classes. These classes include different heroes also. Abel, Evan, Neal, and Ryan are the game’s heroes. They are berserkers, mechanics, wizards, and paladins. Abel and Ryan have melee weapons, and they have not much damage by a few monster attacks. Evan is an archer, and Neal needs many INK line points to destroy monsters. You can also change your character’s appearance, including skin color and hairstyle.

Fight with players

New updates include a better experience in player vs. player combat. When you start the single-player battles, within some seconds, your fight begins with your opponent after a countdown. The one who defeats the other player within 90 seconds is the winner. Different titles are announced for winners and losers. So, the players get zenonia 5 mod apk unlimited zen and stats. After winning 100 fights in PvP mode, you are provided with a Champion Title which also increases your stats up to 20%.

zenonia 5 mod apk platinmods

Unlimited Zen Coins

There are two types of coins given in the zenonia5 hack version. The most critical and valued coin is the zen coin. You are not provided with these valuable coins without downloading the zenonia5hack version. You can only buy them with money, which is not affordable for everyone. But after downloading the game from our given link, you should have unlimited zen coins, and you can purchase valuable things in the game easily without any worry about money.

Unlimited Gold

Every player wants to become more powerful than the others in this game. To become influential in this game, you must need a higher amount of gold than the others. In the real version, you are not given much gold. But with zenonia5 cheats in the zenonia5 mod apk give you a lot of gold free, so you become more powerful than the other players.

Key Features

  • Unlimited stats points are automatically increased after downloading our mod apk version.
  • You should also play and enjoy this game when you are offline.
  • Move your characters smoothly due to smooth graphics and easy controls.
  • Buy your avatars with unlimited zen coins from the zenonia5 mod apk.
  • In the new update, you should also customize your weapons and armor.


In zenonia 5 mod apk, character classes include anime characters. As anime series are widespread worldwide, they take advantage of the resources and create anime stories. Anime series lovers also love this game and enjoy zenonia 5 hackeado. Within the new version, both facilities are given to players to play the story mode or fight with other players worldwide. Win excellent titles for heroes in PvP mode and increase your stats points. Thus, the player enjoys it in both ways. You are also able to change the appearance of your hero. Change their outfits and hairstyles which you want because of zenonia 5 mod apk free shopping. Also, upgrade the powers and skills of heroes. We hope that you are informed about the game. Suppose You have any questions about the game, comment with us in the comment section. We will be happy to answer your queries.


Are Zen and Gold limited?

In the basic version, they are limited, and you can buy them with virtual money. For upgrading your favorite characters’ outfits and skins, zenonia 5 modded apk unlimited zen and gold is absolute for you.

How to pick the best class?

The best class in PvP mode is CON Paladin, which is coupled with CON Berserker. While In PvE mode, the best course is Pure INT Wizard and Pure STR Paladin.

Is zenonia 5 mod apk online?

There are some changes in the new version. You can either play it online or offline. For story mode, there is zenonia 5 ofline mod apk. But in PvP mode, an internet connection is necessary.

Does this game have a mod menu?

There is no zenonia 5 mods menu. Features present inside the game are used only here.

Which version consists of this file?

This application contains the latest version. The latest version was updated in 2022.

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