What Is An XAPK File

What Is An XAPK File? How To Install It?

What Is An XAPK File, And How To Install It?

An XAPK (pronounced “ex-ap-k”) is an archive file that contains metadata and assets for installing applications on Android devices. XAPK files can be downloaded from the Google Play Store; however, they are not required to install apps on your device.

Three Major Types Of XAPK File

1. The APK file is a full installable application package that can be installed on an Android device, such as an operating system or game.

2. The UXT file contains only metadata about the application and does not contain any assets or other resources needed to run it properly. It is useful when you need to test an application before publishing it to add new features or fix bugs before release but do not want to distribute a fully installable version of your app on Google Play Store or elsewhere.

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3. The ZIP file contains all the resources the application needs, such as images, audio files, and other media, such as documents or PDFs, that might be included in applications like games or productivity tools.

How To Install An XAPK File

An XAPK (short for Android package) file is a bundle of resources that help you build an application. The XAPK file contains your app’s resources, such as images, text, and layout XML files.

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To install an  XAPK file on your device:

1. Download the XAPK file from the link provided by Google.

2. Open the downloaded file on your computer and copy it to the root directory of your phone’s storage card (this will be accessible through your device’s Settings app).

3. On your phone, go to Settings > Storage > SD card > Copy files to SD card > select the folder where you put the XAPK file and hit OK.

4. On your device, open the Play Store and search for “XAPK Installer” or “XAPK Installer”. This will take you to the download page, where you can choose whether you want to install an APK or update an existing one.


Q: Which is best, Apk Or XAPK?

Indeed, the Apk file doesn’t take time for installation. But XAPk is a more secure and brief file for android mobiles.

Q: What is the easiest way to install an XAPK file?

Install the XAPK installer from the google play store, and then you can install any XAPK file easily, like an APK file.


Above are the complete detail about xapk files and their installation process. We know XAPK is a little bit tricky for new apk installers. Still, according to our experience and research, new file developers are moving towards XAPK because an XAPK file has extra security and details rather than a normal APK file. This detail helps android mobile software to install that app easily.

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