Weed Firm Mod Apk

Weed Firm Mod Apk v1.7.43 (Unlimited Money)

These days, weed firm mod apk is being noted as the #1 simulation game that has caught 50M+ downloads in a limited time. Your mission is to grow cannabis and marijuana in your fields. Remember that some places may not be suitable for planting then explore new places. After it, insert seeds into the land and provide water to them so that your weed business will begin effectively. The water should be compatible otherwise the land can be destroyed. In addition, you should also hire a few guards in the fields as your opponents can not see your success.

NameWeed Firm Mod Apk
Size40 MB
Updated4 Days Ago
Average Rating4.9
Rating Count92756
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money

Storyline Of Weed Firm Mod Apk:

Weed firm apk download is fully related to plants and you will play as a sharp botanist: Mr Tedy. In the beginning, you will be a free person that does nothing which is why you will not prosper. But then some of your friends come towards you and recommend you to prefer the planting jobs. With this, you will not only achieve a long note on the plant’s life but will also earn money. Keep in mind that the special things which you will have to grow here are cannabis and marijuana because both these items are being demanded from other popular countries.

weed firm mod apk everything unlocked

In this way, you should buy a field where you will serve various plants at a time. Make sure that the land which you are going to prefer is perfect otherwise growing anything may be complex and also your precious time will be wasted. If you have observed the condition of the land then spread the cannabis and marijuana seeds in your surroundings. Surely, the crops will rise with time but sprinkling the water and other fertilizers are also your responsibility. Thus the fertilizers in the field should be specific by which the production process runs effectively.

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Authentic Features:

Build A Beautiful Farm

The first order that the weed farmer.apk gives to its users is to build a beautiful farm as everything related to crops depends on farms. Try to grow all sorts of crops but your main focus should only be on the production of cannabis and marijuana. Note that the market contains many marijuana strains and purple haze seeds. Then access these things and make them part of a suitable pot. Thus you should also adopt additional functions if the growth rate of your crops is not speedy.

weed firm mod apk unlimited money

Take Care Of Crops

After the field building, taking care of crops should be the main priority because many enemies are roaming around your fields. Let us provide fresh water to the fields and maximize the production of marijuana. The water should be enough so that the crop will be free of all issues. Moreover, the pot quality should also be effective by which the water will remain for a long duration. After the water sprinkling, make sure to put fertilizers into the field which also has an amazing role in crop production.

weed firm mod apk unlimited unlocked and money

Customize Your Shop

Besides farming, rom widow strain apk also gives a chance to become a shop owner. But all this is possible when you complete the beginning levels otherwise none will happen like this. Undoubtedly, the customization process gives a chaotic look to anything. That’s why you should employ it to make your shop appreciable and to attract the view of the customers. In my view, the marvellous lights, paints, and ceilings are also enough for ensuring the beauty of any kind of shop.

weed firm mod apk max level

Be Close To Your Customers

If you want to be close to your customers, then weed planet the game advises you to prefer simple language. Give the answers of all people at times, so that they will be satisfied & happy with you. But unfortunately, all such customers can also be against you if you dont reply to them regularly and dont provide their essential things. In this condition, they can destroy your fields and can steal your money from the bank. To avoid such cases, you should only play level 3 effectively.

weed firm mod apk ufree shopping

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money

In this modded version, we all will get weed firm cheats apk that are very helpful. There are various levels and the good news is that you can apply these hacks to all levels. I think these hacks will not be necessary for the beginning stages, but in higher stages, they will be essential. Moreover, you should also be ready to receive unlimited money that is free from all risks. With this money, you can buy many fields, crops, fertilizers, shops, and guards in just a few minutes.

Key Features:

  • To maintain the crop, export fertilizers as soon as possible.
  • The graphics are outstanding and you will feel like a real farmer.
  • Remember that your customers are a big source of money for you.
  • Make sure to manage precious resources like pots, water & seeds.
  • Finish game missions and then take some cash towards your account.
  • You should play the game freely as no ads will disturb you like the official version.
  • The good thing about weed firm apk mod is that anyone can unlock new levels at any time.


Q: What is the size of the Weed Firm game?

The weed firm has a size of 45MB.

Q: Can I play weed planting games on Android devices?

Yes, surely you can play this game on all android devices as well as PCs.

Q: How to get weed firm characters unlocked?

By downloading this mod version, you can unlock various weed firm characters.

Final Verdicts:

Do you love planting? If yes! then weed firm mod apk is here to provide you with an authentic view of plants. At first, you will be a botany student and you will not have enough food and money. But your friends will recommend you build a research lab for plants. With this, you will begin to design a field and plough various crops like cannabis and marijuana. Note that these items are considered illegal but you will not have to get fear them. Let us give water and fertilizers to land so that you will be able to buy further land and will become a popular businessman. you can download this latest version weed firm play store page.

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