Wcc Lite Mod Apk v5.7.5 (Unlimited Tickets & Coins)

Playing games for fun and creativity is compulsory in life that is being shown everywhere. Our research shows cricket is the most liked game due to its chill seasons. That’s why now one of the branded kinds of cricket game: wcc lite mod apk, is here, and I am sure you have never played such a simple and modified game in your life. So do you not want to get exciting features and levels without spending a single penny? If yes! Then only download this modded game that guarantees unlimited money and various items like bats, balls, helmets, gloves, shoes and cricket kits.

NameWcc Lite Mod Apk
Size56 MB
Updated4 Days Ago
Average Rating4.8
Rating Count82516
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Tickets & Coins

Storyline Of Wcc Lite Mod Apk:

Wcc lite mod apk gareeb app store offers a smooth storyline that you will enjoy without any hurdles. All the features present here are accessible, and you will not have to use your credit card till the end. Everything in the game depends on you because you can start your journey as a batter or a bowler. In the case of batting, achieving maximum scores should be your first goal. For this tricky task, you only will have to move your finger on the screen, and then your player will hit the ball. The ball can leave the stadium if you swipe at the perfect time.

wcc lite mod apk unlimited coins

But if you don’t become sincere with time, your survival can also be in danger. Remember that a bowler never takes pity on any batsman, so you should always be in the front of the wicket. By doing this, you can not put the opponents under great pressure but can also make great scores. The fabulous thing about the game is that it supports various pitches by which you can play cricket in the stadiums of Pakistan, India, England, South Africa and much more countries. Besides that, wcc lite apk has different languages like English, Bengali, Hindi, etc., to ease you in all situations.

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Fabulous Characteristics:

Perfect gameplay

Wcc lite mod apk (Unlimited Coins) has perfect gameplay that comes with online or offline mode. There will be no more attractive cricket game than this masterpiece, as the ads never disturb the gameplay here. So it is one kind of sport where you will have to become a master in batting and bowling. You can also take unlimited money onto your hands and unlock the premium. Thus this is the reason that this unique game has gained maximum popularity in a limited time.

wcc lite mod apk 2023

HD Display

The game has a smooth HD display screen that removes players’ issues. There is a bursting of pixels during the game’s big missions or any other regard-gathering mission. It provides you with an HD screen of your choice by lowering the pixels in the game setting. Moreover, you can also behave as a pro player through unique maps and cards. This enhancement attracts many players towards itself due to the delightful HD graphics of wcc lite mod apk 2023.

wcc lite mod apk everything unlocked

Mini Size

Wcc lite mod apk is very small due to its low-spaced graphics, sound quality and other materials. Through this, the downloading setup becomes simple and proves like a memorable moment. I also repeat my words for the installation process because the game can be displayed on the front panel of your device if you cooperate with this article. In this way, HD graphics and pixel bursting are waiting for you, and I assure you that your game will be played without any serious issues.

wcc new update lite mod apk

Fast Matches

Let’s come to the ground where a heavy crowd is waiting to see and enjoy your outstanding game. The first time you move to the stadium, the crowd welcomes you by making noise. By listening to these different voices, you will come in pleasure, and your mind will be full of positive feedback. Remember that the empire will also stand with you so that he will notice all kinds of activities. Thus you should be careful and be positive with the empire; otherwise, he can destroy your winning chances.

wcc lite mod apk latest version

Multiple Players

Wcc lite mod apk for free download offers multiple players, and all such players can play the mission modes on behalf of their moods. There are different categories of teams in the game mode; one consists of eleven players, and the other consists of thirteen players. The game’s online mode offers different categories because of its uniqueness and tough levels. While the offline mod always gives simple categories, and you can complete its missions in no time.

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money

Unlimited money is the marvelous feature of this modded version and by which we can purchase different qualities of things. The simple things are unlocked at the start because these things are not valuable. But all the premium things are locked, and I am sure you already know a lot about them. So to access such legendary items, you should try the beginning levels, and everything will be unlocked for you. This money also shows a response if you want to purchase skillful athletes, bats, bowls, kits and several other things.


Q: Is this a challenging game?

Yes, it is a challenging game with many missions for your enjoyment.

Q: Can we play this game when there is no internet connection?

Yes, you can play this game in the presence or absence of an internet connection through its online or offline mode.

Q: Can we play the mod version of wcc on PC?

The mod version of wcc is small, which is why it runs effectively on all devices.

Q: Is wcc lite mod apk safe for Android Devices?

Yes, wcc lite mod apk is safe for android, PCs, and IOS devices.

Final Words:

Now, it is time to play different missions and win challenges of wcc lite mod apk by clicking on the download button. It is a great opportunity for all cricket lovers to challenge their friends and win prizes from them. With this, they can become experienced in all kinds of co-curricular activities. You should show a great role in batting or bowling so that you will be considered a legend and all the people will stand at your entrance. Nothing will irritate you about this modded game, as everything has already been discussed in detail. You can download its original version on Wcc lite play store page.

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