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The tm Whatsapp apk is a new latest invention for users. We provide you with the best app you can use on your android. The tm WhatsApp differs from the official WhatsApp, but their functions are somewhat similar. In this mod version, you will have no problems. Tm WhatsApp download 2022 has lots of cool features for you. You can easily communicate with your friends, family, and others through tm WhatsApp. This excellent app was just newly launched. Millions of people love it and use it on their android.

The creator of TM WhatsApp is Titus Mukisa. This is an exciting app with unique features. You might have heard a lot about this famous app, but you cannot access the information until you download it. Its size is standard, and it can easily download on your android. You can message anyone at any time through this app. We provided you with the new mod version of Whatsapp, and this article has all the information for you.

NameTM WhatsApp Apk
Size56 MB
Updated19 Days Ago
Average Rating4.8
Rating Count236529
Mod FeaturesOriginal APK

Overview of TM Whatsapp Apk

TM Whatsapp Titus Mukisa is a modified version. There is no limit on time on WhatsApp. You can forward and send as many things as you want. Its applications are updated and very interesting. Its premium features make the app more beautiful. This app gives you things that the original WhatsApp does not provide. You can relive old memories by looking at your previous messages through the tm WhatsApp new version.

tm whatsapp latest version

If you want no one to see your last scene, you can make it possible with this app. People delete sent things if you don’t want them to happen; TM App download is here for you. Here you can hide your essential chats from others. There is a limitation of audio and video songs on Whatsapp, but there is no such issue in TM WhatsApp. You can change the chatting system and theme as you want. In tm WhatsApp mod apk, you can see the last scenes of your friends in a group. This app is available on our website; you can download it from this page.

Features Of TM Whatsapp Apk

Customize Your Themes

The library theme is present in this app. You can customize Whatsapp TM themes. These themes add to the beauty of tm WhatsApp Titus mokisa. Titus Mukisa is the best creator because he has provided us with many great things through this app. This feature is so good. Different colors of themes are also fabulous and attractive. By using your favorite pic, you can change the background.

tm whatsapp apk 2022

Download Whatsapp Status

In TM WhatsApp, you can easily download WhatsApp status videos and photos of your friends. You can’t do this on regular WhatsApp unless you get your friend’s permission. TM Whatsapp also provides you with this fantastic feature. You can download WhatsApp status videos and pictures with texts.

Run Two Whatsapp Together

A regular green Whatsapp does not give you as much as TM Whatsapp. In tm WhatsApp update, you can use two WhatsApp together. TM Whatsup is very well designed, and apart from this feature, there are many other great features. After knowing this updated version of TM WhatsApp update download, your knowledge will significantly increase.

tm whatsapp mod feature

Long Status And Messages

In regular WhatsApp, you were restricted to posting statuses longer than 30 seconds and not sending long messages. But now TM WhatsApp has come, with no restrictions for you to post as long statuses as you want and send as long messages as you want. You will have no problem here.

Send Documents, Images, Audio, And Videos

As we mentioned above, there is no limit in this mod version, so you can send documents to whomever you want without any limit. In regular WhatsApp, you choose how many photos you want to send, and you can only send 30 photos because your time is wasted. So now you don’t have to worry because I’m WhatsApp is available for you on this website. Another exciting thing is that you can send audio and video songs without limit. You won’t find this on regular WhatsApp.

Mod Features

Ad Free

Tm WhatsApp web is an ad-free app. Regular Whatsapp is not ad-free, but this mod app is Ad free. Most games and apps come with tons of ads, which is why people don’t download them. But mod versions do not come with any ads. We are providing you with a modern, updated app with which you will not have any problems.

Your Privacy Is Fully Secure

The tm WhatsApp is a secure app on your smartphone. This app does not use your data for any purpose. You don’t need to worry about privacy because this app will protect your privacy. This app does not misuse your data at all. Many people are afraid of downloading apps lest they steal their data, but you don’t need to worry about this app because it is 100% safe for you. TM WhatsApp has hidden your blue ticks, last scenes, and everything you do in WhatsApp.


This app is free. You don’t need any money for this app. We are providing you with a free app. If you don’t have money, then there is no need to worry because this app requires you to invest even a small amount of money.

Smooth and Very Fast App

This mod to WhatsApp is a much faster app than regular green WhatsApp. This feature makes the app more beautiful. Its functions are smooth. The premium features of tm WhatsApp are fantastic.


The tm WhatsApp is a very fantastic app with excellent features. You stay in touch with your friends and family through this app. This mod app is so great. In this app, you can customize your WhatsApp themes, change the colors, and send documents, pictures, audio, and videos without any limit. You can secretly download your friend’s status through this mod app. Many other excellent functions are present in this app. I hope you get all the information from this article. If you have questions about this app, share them with us below.


Who created TM Whatsapp?

Titus Mukisa created this mod app. Its downloads are increasing due to its essential features. It is secure and saves your data.

How can I hide my Whatsapp status on TM?

First, go to your phone or Whatsapp settings; you have to choose the account, then select privacy on your account. By this, you can hide your WhatsApp status on TM.

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