Street Chaser Mod Apk

Street Chaser Mod Apk v5.0.5 (Unlimited Keys & Coins)

Surely you have played Subway Surfer or temple running games. These are top-running games played & admired by millions of gamers. The running game genre has been in the top position for many years. iGold Technologies have put out a fantastic chasing game called-street chaser mod apk. The game is not about running or racing. You must seize the thief, get the robbed things, and have many more adventures.

With more than 100 million downloads, the game has positive ratings and reviews on the Play Store. Also, the game has quite an interesting MOD version that will help you to get more grip on the game. You and your friend are walking in the street, and suddenly a thief snatches your friend’s purse. What will you do in this situation? Download the attention-grabbing game on your device and face real-time situations.

You need to chase the thief and get your things back from him. The game also involves many realistic incidents that will help you to deal with mishaps. You will also need to put hurdles in the way of thieves and stop quickly as you can. In addition, there are many in-game modes and missions to complete. Although the game belongs to the adventure genre, you will find many other genres as racing. So, are you ready for a tremendous adventure and race? I am sure you will enjoy this chasing game. Try out your potential and challenge the thieves.

NameStreet Chaser Mod Apk
Size88 MB
Updated2 Days Ago
Average Rating4.6
Rating Count8523
Mod FeaturesUnlocked Keys & Coins

In-depth View Of Street Chaser Mod Apk

The game takes you to the beautiful city of New York, and there are many robbers, heroes, hundreds of new characters, and dangerous creatures. You must cross the barriers, avoid the obstacles, and unleash your skills to seize the items. There are many other actions to do, such as kicking balls, throwing bottles at the robber, and facing many obstacles. Remember that your minor mistakes can knock you off the game, and you will restart everything. The first few levels are simple, but challenges increase as you move further in the game.

get unlimited money

At first, you have to select the avatar and change the appearance as you want. The main goal is straight forward-to catch the robbers. Different types of vehicles such as cars & buses will stop your way you have to escape from all hindrances. It is somewhat hard to overcome robbers, especially gangs; however, the power-ups, 3X boosters, and collected items such as bottles, slippers, and plungers will assist throughout your journey. The beautiful soundtracks and catchy missions will keep you on edge.

The gameplay of street chaser apk is slightly different from other running games as you have to save the girl’s bag from chasing. The objectives of many missions vary overall. You have to collect points & gold points. Sometimes, you must upgrade the gameplay and get innovative things from coins. With these upgrades, you can run faster and dodge obstacles easily. Furthermore, the graphics are vivid and cheerful, and the 3D view of the game is also excellent. The addictive missions and multiplayer modes will make your day brilliant.

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Key Points Of Street Chaser Mod Apk

Here is a complete detail of the impressive features of the game. The game is diverse due to immersive activities and heart-pumping moments. You should read the features before playing the street chaser mod apk 2022.

Unlimited Money

The modified version-street chaser mod apk (unlimited coins/keys) is different from the original version in which you have a free supply of coins or in-game money. Luckily, our developers have picked the original version and made some changes. Now, you have unlimited coins to buy anything in the game. The gamers can buy slippers, magnetic bottles, and bombs to defeat the thieves. It will also help you to unlock superheroes. Meanwhile, the MOD version is free of distracting ads, which is the biggest advantage for ordinary players.

street chaser heroes

Unlocked Levels & Keys

Usually, the levels are locked at the beginning a few levels are opened for gamers. For mod users, all levels are unlocked, and you have free access. Lives are always full and will never decrease at any moment. The players can switch to any level and start the game with unlimited lives. You have to collect 3 or 4 keys for each level. Try to achieve 5-star ratings in a level and get plus points for each level. With the collected coins, you can unlock new avatars for your hero.

unlocked all levels and keys

Online Multiplayer Option

The online multiplayer mode allows you to compete with online friends and other people. Players who love to play with their buddies will surely love the multiplayer mode of the street chaser mod apk (unlimited money). Here, you have to unleash your creativity and defeat many players. For multiplayer mode, you should have a stable internet connection. One team consists of 8 players, and you can join any group and start playing.

chase, mission, daily challenge and online multiplayer

Perfectly Designed Heroes

Every hero in the game is designed perfectly, and the robbers, of course, have a rubber-like appearance. The main heroes are Mercurial, Thief Buster, Robo Chaser, Special one, Champion, Gifted, and More Stamina. Each hero has different stats and powers; you can try your favorite one. Gangs of robbers have different outlooks.

perfectly designed heroes

Final Verdicts

The ultimate way to enjoy the game is to download the alternative version of the street chaser mod apk. It is a casual game with challenging modes. Enter into endless running mode and start collecting gold coins based on rank and performance. The game controls are swift and simple, and you can comfortably move the characters. You will find minor glitches and hang issues. Overall the game is perfect. There are many customization options for characters and items, and you can boost the powers. The developers are trying to release street chaser 2023 in the next year. you can download its original version on street chaser play store page.


Can I play the game without the internet?

Yes, you can play offline as well as online. However, the online mode is more interesting.

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