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Download Star Girl Mod Apk 2023 (Unlimited Energy And Money)

Star girl is a medium to know the world of fashion. This game was created to live the life of a celebrity and learn how famous people and celebrities live and maintain their lives through the experience of a model who is also a celebrity. To get such experiences, you must play this.

Here is about the daily life of beautiful models and the continuous effort to increase their fan base. Their beautiful outfits are essential, and there are ways to make them irresistible to impress their fans and increase their numbers. It is a journey to transform a charming looking beautiful lady into a glorious personality, and it becomes easier by the site of star girl mod apk, where you will get all items unlocked. Also check Hollywood story mod apk.

The storyline of star girl mod apk

It offers you many functions and parties, such as a life in which each celebrity has to participate in a different social life. A wardrobe of beautiful and glorious outfits is made to enhance our character, and the splendour of these outfits creates a good impression on the fans. Use romantic and addorable and hot clothes and add as many as you can because the clothes and appearance of celebrities mean a lot. Points are awarded for wearing a nice item, such as Red Lips, in the first level to increase the points from one to 92.

Our model will get more points for every lovely thing that the model wears or uses. Thus, less beautiful items receive fewer points, as a dress may receive two points. If it is more fashionable and fan-favourite, they will give you five, ten, twelve, eight, or even thirteen lip points which means our fashion is appreciable. The object will increase the number of these points. For example, the points for a dress are 8, and the points for shoes are 13, which makes 21 points to reach the next level. It is mandatory to get the required points to cross the level, and this is possible only by wearing new things to the model.

NameStar Girl Mod APK
Size54 MB
Updated8 Days Ago
Average Rating4.9
Rating Count227542
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Energy

Main features of star girl mod apk

Get unlimited gems and money

In the original version, You have to do more levels to develop your character. The fan base increases as the level increases, which is possible by attending different parties and making yourself the most attractive. Shopping requires a lot of money and coins to buy beautiful clothes and unlock your items. It may not be easy to buy, but with star girl mod apk unlimited gems and money, you can enjoy it with free shopping. Discover new outfits right now.

wear the special costumes

Max level

First, we get to game level 1, where a few things are given, like fifty thousand coins, 500 diamonds and a lips sign. The better you dress up the girl, the number of points increases. Like a beautiful hat with 12 lip points, if chosen according to modern fashion, fans will like it, and its points will be more. The next level will unlock. The next levels unlock the items and coins, but it takes a long time to reach the max level and work hard for it. Now there is no need to wait that long because in star girl mod apk max level easily, you will easily reach the max level, and all the items and clothes, etc., are unlocked here.

Date a prince charming

Date a handsome boyfriend and flirt with him. At the beginning of the original version, you will find this option locked; as the charm increases, the list of very handsome boyfriends is opened from time to time, but star girl mod apk presents this option unlocked for you. Here is a list of many boys you can flirt with and date.

travel to the fashion capitals

Impress your prince charming with your attractive looks. Be lost in love with your charming guy and get his lovely comments. Your girl dates other boys for a reliable companion in this life of fame. In this journey, she keeps changing and even chooses the right partner. Attract these guys towards you with beautiful preparations for it.

Exciting shopping

Shopping is a very popular activity for girls. They like shopping very much. Star girl mod apk 2022 has some opportunities that make shopping more fun. For this, you will be able to buy jewellery and keep the types of clothes within your reach. Romantic clothes are given to attract viewers. There are all kinds of things to attract women, and all these dresses are free for you so that you don’t have to face any waiting and hassle. There will be no need to collect diamonds and coins; they can be found separately and unlocked.

Customise your look

Beautify your star girl by giving her hot looks in star girl mod apk VIP unlocked. Shop fabulous outfits for your Barbie doll and improve this shopping experience. The more good things are, the hot they will become. You can choose any dress. Dress the lady in unique clothes, shoes, necklaces, earrings, and makeup products. All these will be there to make you look attractive. There are many elegant items to become beautiful, including glasses, skirts, high heels, shirts, lenses, lashes, blush colours, lipstick variety, body colours, hats, ribbons, earrings, lovely necklaces, and many more.

customize your look

Important FAQs

How can I get everything unlocked in Star girl?

It is possible when you download its full hacked version of star girl mod apk latest version, where you will find everything already unlocked.

How do you add friends on Star Girl apk?

There is an icon on the right side of the screen where a star is made. Click on a star and select your friend by entering their ID. After entering the ID, if your friend accepts your friend request, your friend’s ID will be permanently added to the friend list of the game.

What age is required for Star Girl?

The Reading age Should be ‎8 – 14 years, and the Grade level should be ‎3 – 8.


I have always loved this game. In it, I got all the variety for fashion. Beautiful fashion dresses and exciting styles are found every time at each level. Suppose you know about fashion and wish to use it with your own hands. So this game must be played here without any problem. Install the star girl mod apk where all fashion varieties are available for you for free

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