rainy attic room mod apk

Rainy Attic Room Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything) v1.3.9

An emotionally amazing game in which you are completely absorbed. It is a unique type of dynamic gameplay where you will find yourself in an attic room. This experience has to be done while living in a small space. It will rain continuously for 365 days, and you will participate in the game with a depressed character who can later become your friend because of your gameplay.

The game in which you have to support your grieving friend. Our developer has designed this version of the rainy attic room mod apk to make everything in Attic easy and fun. The company that created this game is called BORAme. Here you try to talk to your lonely friend and perform different tasks for him. Its latest version is 1.3.9, released on June 22, 2020. Now come here and make every task of your friend easy and interesting.

NameRainy Attic Room Mod Apk
Size52 MB
Updated4 Days Ago
Average Rating4.8
Rating Count86769
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Everything

The Gameplay Of Rainy Attic Room Mod Apk

Here you have been invited to come and visit a gloomy friend. It touches our emotions insidely—a house where a depressed friend is living. You have to come forward and talk to them. Get closer to them and collect red and blue water points to decorate their room. Surely it won’t be easy to build a relationship with them. Don’t lose heart and keep visiting them with a relaxed mind and try to change them.

In the mod version of the rainy attic room cheat, you can buy things in this attic room or a single room. Now you can buy special functions and max amount of red and blue water signs. Grow your tired and lazy friend to positive things and make his life easier. Talk to them and get more amazing rewards.

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Main features of Rainy Attic Room Mod Apk

Get Unlimited Hearts

Now in the game, get unlimited items to get closer to your friend and place in his heart. Design your room and decorate it on this rainy night. You will need more and more heart to do all this skillfully. Now it is easy to get unlimited hearts because of this rainy attic room mod apk unlimited hearts version.

get unlimited hearts

Enjoy Everything Unlocked

It is relatively easy to get unlimited things in the game, but all things are open to you, and you get rainy attic room mod apk unlimited everything. Improve your game skills and advance by taking advantage of this solitude. All of them have been opened up to you. Now, making new friends and building relationships with them is relatively easy, but you will find that you are the most skilled and able to please your friends.

enjoy everything unlocked

Reach Max Level

It will be a good idea to clean your friend’s mind for a while and relax without overthinking. Let him go out and walk for a while. You can use some tricks to reach the top level in the game. This mod version makes it easy to reach the final level and will make our friend calm. We know if we cried continuously, the rain would wash our cries away. You can find his happiness in a calm forest.

reach max level

Discover Surprising Things

You can open the windows to see the outside view. Order food every hour and raise the gauge of familiarity. Clean up the boxes and give a cute nickname to your friend. Once you enter your name, you can not change it. Get blue and red waters every minute. If you come back game after quitting the game, it will be automatically collected. All these things are very helpful in improving this game.

discover surprising things

Talk And Touch

Building a relationship with your depressed friend will not be easy. You must try to build a strong relationship with him to do this. Communicate with him and make this relationship stronger every minute. Your friend will trust you and participate in a good activity by doing this. Everything will be challenging at the beginning of the rainy attic room apk. Over time, participating in positive activities can be advanced the game.

talk and touch

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get everything unlocked in a rainy attic room game?

Here is the solution to getting all premium unlocked in this game. You can get all items in the game for free and enjoy this game in a new way. How is it possible? You have to. Download our hacked version of the rainy attic room mod apk. Now design your room and make your gloomy friend happy.

How many Mbs are required to install a rainy attic room?

First, you should have an Internet connection. It requires 44.36 MBs to install this tricky game.

Can I play this game on PC?

Yes, you can play this attic game on your smartphone or PC. It is an Android game and is loved by Android users.

What does the water purifier do in a rainy attic room?

If the water purifier is unlocked downstairs at a time, it can be used to exchange for water. There is a Blue tap which can exchange 20 hot water for 200 rainwater.

Can I remove Ads during this game?

Unfortunately, You will see the ads once every 4 minutes during playing. If you don’t want to see it, try to check it out on the internet. This option is for the original version, but from the rainy attic room mod apk 2023, you will not face any problem with unwanted ads. Just remove these ads during playing.

Final Lines

A beautifully designed game. It teaches us how difficult it is to get out of difficult situations and how much hard work is required. As much as I appreciate this game, it is less. This rainy attic room mod apk makes the game more fun. Here I got unlimited hearts and everything. I am very impressed with its art style and also get real joy from making our sad friend happy. you can download its original version on rainy attic room play store page.

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