Pubg Lite Mod Apk

Pubg Lite Mod Apk v0.23.8 + OBB (Aimbot, Unlimited Bc & Mega Menu)

Pubg Mobile is a globally famous game, and we have already played it on our android or PC devices. But due to its large size, we can never play it on our low-storage devices, which is the main issue. Thus, I have explored its lite version: Pubg lite mod apk that even you can play on your low-storage devices. This cracked version has everything unlimited, and then performing complicated tasks will not be more necessary. Let us download this game to attain unlimited characters, outfits, weapons, bullets, maps, parachutes, vehicles, and many other things free of cost.

NamePubg Lite Mod Apk
Size1 GB
Updated2 Days Ago
Average Rating4.7
Rating Count675868
Mod FeaturesAimbot,Unlimited Bc

How To Play Pubg Lite Mod Apk?

Pubg lite apk has a straightforward scenario that 100% relates to the official Pubg Mobile. First, you should note that an internet connection is the main thing that will carry you on your journey. So you should hire superb and fast internet data to make your game smooth. In the beginning, about 100 players will be on the plane and leave the plane one by one. After it, their parachutes will be automatically open to keep them safe till they reach the earth. There are several locations, and it’s also on a player whether he lands in a big city or warehouse.

After landing, players will try their best to find deadly weapons and destroy their enemies. The map locations are substantial, but sometimes your enemies may land with you. In this case, quickly get powerful weapons, mad kits, a level 3 backpack, etc., and then knock down your enemies before their attacks. Besides that, Pubg lite esp hack apk offers fans many modes like a single-player or multiplayer mode. In the case of the single-player mode, every player will be alone, but in multiplayer mode, you will be able to play in a squad.

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Exciting Features

Massive Battlefields

Pubg lite mod apk unlimited bc includes massive battlefields to give you a perfect war experience because every player fights for his freedom and will try to survive till the end. But the sudden attacks of enemies may destroy his desires. Remember that the player who survives till the last is considered the winner of the game. In comparison, if a player dies in the beginning, he will only be a loser. Thus you should be focused on how you can survive more.

pubg lite apk mod

Deadly Weapons

In Pubg lite mod apk, many deadly weapons like Assault Refiles, Assault Snipers, Shotguns, Pistols, etc., are present to support you in your battles. Note that M416, M762, and AKM are matchless Assault Refiles that may damage 95% of our opponents. While the Assault Snipers include AWM, M24, Kar98, etc., you can knock down your enemies with one headshot. In the case of Shotguns, you should pick S686 and S1897 as both are destructive.

enjoy the new theme winter festival

Armoured Vehicles

Now I am introducing this game’s armoured vehicles, which will give you a comfortable journey. Without vehicles, we reach our destination in hours, but if vehicles are with us, we can access our destination in seconds. A few vehicles included in this game are Dacia, Jeep, Bikes, etc., which will assist us in the case of enemy trapping. If your enemies are on a vehicle, then use your destructive weapons so that their vehicles will blast, and they will die in a second.

Mod Features

Unlimited UC

If you are a Pubg lover, you will also know how important UC is in Pubg Mobile. But the worry is that the system gives these UC to us only with money. So if we have money, we can get these UC and purchase the premium Royal Pass; otherwise, everything will be locked for us. But this cracked version gives unlimited UC to us as a gift so that we will appreciate its developer’s efforts and will play it every time. In this way, ensure achieving the Royal Pass and other premium things.

join friends squad

Unlocked All Skins And Costumes

First of all, this game puts unlimited UC to our account, and then it gives us Pubg lite unlocked all skins and costumes options. When I use this feature, I become shocked because the official version does not provide this critical opportunity for its lovers. But this modded version is sincere with its fans and is also trying to produce new hacked features. Thus, we should tap on those premium things we can not win in the official version to put our enemies in wonder.

enjoy new payload 2.0 mode

Some Other Modded Features:

  • Run fast by using the Highest Speed option.
  • The Fly option will fly your vehicles on top of the sky.
  • Your player can jump long as this feature is also there.
  • Access New Equipment to maintain your winning strategy.
  • Use the Unlimited Health option so that none will kill you quickly.
  • Enjoy Pubg lite hack mod apk download unlimited everything.
  • There is an Aimbot feature that automatically targets your enemies.
  • Take advantage of the No Recoil option and win the game in seconds.
  • Your bullets will hit your enemies whether he has hidden behind the wall.

Final Verdicts

Pubg lite mod apk is full of beautiful sceneries, locations, and modes that greatly entertain users. By playing this modded game, you will feel that here everything is real because the developer has spent a lot of time on the graphics and sounds. Unlike the official version, here you can use Aimbot, No Recoil, High jump, Fast Speed, Wall Hack, Fly, Unlimited Health, All Skins, and many more hacked features. While more unique weapons will also be added to the game soon.You can dowload its original version on Pubg Lite playstore page.


Q: How many sizes does Pubg lite have?

In my view, Pubg lite has a size of 1 GB.

Q: Is Pubg lite safe to play online?

Yes, playing Pubg lite online is 100% safe.

Q: Can I play Pubg lite on my low-end android device?

Yes, you can play Pubg lite on your low-end android device.

Q: Do I need to root my device to download Pubg lite mod apk?

For downloading Pubg lite mod apk, rooting a device is not compulsory.

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