Ninja Arashi Mod Apk

Ninja Arashi Mod Apk v1.6 (Unlimited Money)

We all have a passionate love for ninjas because of their fighting styles and unique moves. Becoming a ninja in real life is complicated but the ninja arashi mod apk latest version can make a ninja in a few seconds. Here, we will play as a ninja who is very brave and kills his rivals without pity. First of all, everyone is comfortable but evil guys convert the peaceful life of normal people into hell. While they also kill your wife and kidnap your son and other citizens. So you alone have to cross obstacles and have to overcome their evil gang with special weapons.

Name Ninja Arashi Mod Apk
Size51 MB
Updated6 Days Ago
Average Rating4.4
Rating Count65331
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money

Storyline Of Real Ninja Games:

Ninja arashi download apk is full of action moves where you will behave as a ninja warrior. Generally, the life of a ninja is loaded with issues but here our ninja will not be annoyed by anything. In the beginning, you have a beautiful wife and both of you love very much to each other. After some months, your wife gives birth to a baby which further makes your life enjoyable. But soon, the evil shadows enter your beautiful village and arrest the noble people of the area. So from here, the peaceful lives of people disturb and they start running toward safe places.

Lots Of Powers

As a skillful ninja, you should not hide in any place, only make sure to run after those evil guys. Your main rival is shadow saton orochi who is very powerful and can become the reason for your death. He also has a trained army that always stays with him to protect him from coming problems. But you dont have anyone or in other words, you are alone and will have to break the strong empire of saton orochi. The purpose of this fight is that this evil man has killed your lovely wife and also has kidnapped your son. Thus access his castle to protect your son’s life.

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Stunning Features:

Lots Of Powers

In the ninja game download apk, the ninja has lots of powers that assist him to perform unbelievable functions. Your main work is to defeat evil guys and to escape your son from their prison which you can do with these powers. Hiding is a perfect technique by which your character will disappear from the eyes of other people. Your ninja also has the superb speed to travel 100 miles in seconds. In this way, he can access his destination fastly without coming into the eye of anyone.

Unique Attacking Moves

Unique Attacking Moves

Arashi adventure mod apk is going to introduce the unique attacking moves of ninjas with us. Generally, a ninja is popular for his marvelous look, weapons, jumping skills, and fighting styles which we will further know here in detail. There are four main kinds of equipement like Kenjutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Hensojutsu, and Mediation. Each has an odd function that guides the ninja in his missions. So kenjutsu can maintain your attack in front of enemies and the hensojutsu assist in hiding.

Different Maps

Different Maps

In these black ninja games, different maps are available by which you can keep an eye on your companions and enemies. As you are alone, so first you should move towards your friends to make a powerful army otherwise it will be very difficult for you to fight against opponents. So if you have a destructive team then enter the castle of Saton Orochi speedily. According to me, these maps can also provide you with your son and can inform you what you should do now.

fight with enemies

Buy Costumes

Ninja arashi mod apk download is full of costumes and our ninja can wear them at any time. Some outfits are valuable while a few are cheap and can come into our inventory whenever we want. These outfits also give special powers to the ninja by which he becomes able to perform outstanding tasks. In the official version, every outfit is locked and only money men can access them. But this modded version unlocks all those premium outfits to facilitate us.

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money & Gems

Ninja arashi mod apk (unlimited money and gems) converts our complex journey to comfortable. This money also provides us with a variety of skills and can make our ninja-like monsters. In the original version, powers, weapons, outfits, and many other items are locked which highlights that we have to spend our virtual money to unlock them. But this cracked version enables us to freely get powers, weapons, outfits, etc which is not possible for us in the original mod. you can download its original version Ninja Arashi on playstore page.

high level have more power of enemies

Key Features:

  • Its downloading process is quite easy.
  • The visual effects are very comfortable.
  • It supports 45 ninjas and 3 maps for you.
  • You can block ads only with a single click.
  • Various attractive sceneries are waiting for you.
  • The operation setup of the game is straightforward.
  • Use tons of cheats as a list of VIP tools are available.
  • Dont forget to boost your skills in front of hard opponents.
  • Take strong weapons and break all of your rivals into pieces.
  • In offline mode, you can play the game without an internet connection.
  • Everything is possible with ninja arashi mod apk Unlimited health and money.


Q: What is the size of the ninja hattori games download apk?

This ninja game has a size of about 62 MB.

Q: Is it safe to download ninja games?

Yes, downloading this ninja game is secure.

Q: Can I play this game on my PC?

An android emulator is essential to play this game on your PC.

Q: Can I continue the ninja arashi mod apk offline?

Yes, surely you can continue the ninja arashi mod apk in offline mode.


Ninja arashi mod apk all levels unlocked has unique controls and mechanics which is why it got 200M+ downloads just after it was released. This RPG game begins your journey as a ninja who will have to take revenge for his wife’s murder and get out his son from the prison of saton orochi. Your ninja is a skillful character that can hide from the eyes of opponents and also can cover a distance of miles in seconds. Besides that, he is also capable of using powerful weapons to win over his opponents. So tap on the download icon to get this rare game.

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