Mystic Messenger Mod Apk

Download Mystic Messenger Mod Apk v1.19.4 (Unlimited Hourglass & Hearts)

Most players get confused about choosing the right game for themselves. Almost all games have been created for fun and entertainment. But you will find only a few games for women or girls. Among the top amusing games, the mystic messenger mod apk is a dating simulation game that has won hearts since its release date. It is like a messenger app where you can chat & interact with handsome boys. There are many Korean animated characters in the game. You will select the partner of your choice and develop a relationship with him. The game is all about making correct choices.

Not every girl has the right to choose a partner in real life. So, it is especially loved by young girls. The game takes you to a new world where you can communicate with boys and develop romantic stories. The players can perform different activities according to their desire and organize the story. Although the graphics are 2D, it has an attractive look, and the characters have a fascinating look. Don’t look further and download the crazy simulation game on your device.

Cheritz. Ltd is the creator of the mystic messenger game, and most features resemble the Otomo games. The developers have added Korean drama features and interesting elements to make it special. There are many new things to discover in the game, different mysteries to reveal, and missions. You can also express your feelings and make them fall in love with you. Just think of your partner, and fulfil her desires. You will win hearts, diamonds, and other precious items.

NameMystic Messenger Mod Apk
Size93 MB
Updated3 Days Ago
Average Rating4.7
Rating Count86783
Mod FeaturesUnlimited

Unique Gameplay Of Mystic Messenger Mod Apk

The gameplay is unique and quite different from other simulation games. The gamer will set a nickname for them and start finding new people. Different guys with different appearances will appear in front of you. The developers have designed every character with perfection. Now, you have to choose the one that attracts you the most. Get excited about the simple and funny games the platform will offer many visual-novels characters.

get unlimited hearts

Moreover, you can invite other friends to join chat rooms and communicate with a maximum number of people. The player will discover many characters like a doctor, a teacher, or a shy boy. The story will start with the selected guy, and you have to listen to their tales. You can also share your life problems. So, if you feel alone & deserted, download the mystic messenger VIP mod apk and feel the essence of a joyful life. Every person in your life is not so important. The players can break the story and start a new one with different characters.

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Prime Features Of Mystic Messenger Mod Apk

Unlimited Hearts

Once you have correctly finished the story, you will receive a heart. This heart can be used to get an hourglass, to reveal the secret chat room called RFA, and many other things. The hourglass enables players to develop a time-clone of their characters. In the altered version-mystic messenger unlimited hourglasses, you will get unlimited hearts and hourglasses to continue your story and unlock the chats.

popular messaging game

Like other otome games, you can build a romantic relationship with adorable characters. They seem to be your actual friends and will never break your heart. The game mystic messenger was unexpectedly popular with teenagers due to its interactive storyline and novel-based characters. With unlimited hearts & other resources, you can develop many stories and start chatting in groups. Furthermore, the hourglass will give unlimited lives and no cheat detection options.

Popular Messaging Game

From 2016 to now, the mystic messenger has encouraged young girls. It provides an active platform to connect with cuties and develop relationships. Participate in groups, attend incoming calls, and reply to messages and emails. Every character in the mystic messenger apk gives a glimpse of real partners. In addition, you can exchange hearts and increase hourglasses. The chats are clear and vivid, and a player can directly involve in the group chats. The endings are Good, Normal, or Bad; it all depends on your performance.

develop your story

Develop Your Story

Each story in the mystic messenger unlimited hourglass lasts up to 12 days. The first 4 days in the story are the same, and the route changes when you enter on the 5th day. Some stories last for some minutes. However, short stories are not interesting. Fulfil your pre-determined plans and go on trips or vacations after one week of the story. You have to invite different persons to your group for a limited time at each level. Focus on the outlooks of different characters and decide which is suitable for you.

secret chat rooms and conversations

Secret Chat Rooms/Conversations

Players can dive into secret chat rooms where they can make video calls and send or receive pictures according to story mode. People from all over the world show their interests, feelings, and thoughts. You can find the ideal partner for the game. Mystic messenger mod apk is designed in a better way than other otomo games. It does not matter what you share or do in the game. The game provides a free life to show your interaction without any restrictions.

Get Fun Experiences

Get ready for an amazing adventure of mystic messenger mod apk 2023. The game is all about building a story and doing unexpected acts. The young females can find a better guy who will harm her heart and become a reason to smile. All the stories are derived from real-life experiences, and they will make you strong and bold in real life.


I have described the tips & tricks related to the mystic messenger. Although the game is easy to play, some people consider it strange. As you can read, the gameplay is straightforward and amusing. Zen, Jumin, Jaehee, and Yoosung are the main characters of the mystic messenger mod apk. The controls are simple; you must tap the screen and follow the story. Mystic messenger is considered one of the high-rated games of the Otome genre. you can download its original version on mystic messenger play store page.


How long do the chats stay in the mystic messenger game?

A chat in the game will stay until you open another chat room. However, you can also recover the chats by using in-game currency.

Do text messages affect the ending?

Not at all. The calls or messages do not matter in the game.

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