My Singing Monsters Mod Apk

My Singing Monsters Mod Apk v3.8.1 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Today we will talk about monsters who will not fight but will sing. We often speak about monster games in which monsters fight, but this game is entirely different from them. This game is newly invented. Now you are in the world of monsters inside the game. It would help if you built a unique land for these monsters and their training. You have to collect monsters and train them well, and the training is to sing the song. It will help if you upgrade your monsters for unique voices. These monsters also have been taken care of. The faces of these singing monsters are weird, but their voices are beautiful. You have a choice to select monsters from many nightmares because there are many monsters present. You will train them better than these monsters singing a fantastic song.

My singing monsters mod apk is published by the famous publisher Big Blue Bubble Inc. After knowing about this game, we get that the publisher put a lot of effort into this game. This monster mod game is fantastic for monster lovers and is another addition to their Android. This game is terrific for gamers. It is made with fine features. In this monster game, there are many excellent songs. It is well designed with mod features and beautiful graphics. If you want to enjoy this game, download it quickly from 5 Andro. This is free and available on this page with excellent functions.

Name My Singing Monsters Mod Apk
Size42 MB
Updated8 Days Ago
Average Rating4.7
Rating Count284
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds


You have to improve and upgrade your island and make a great concert on your island. So that your singing monsters can sing freely there, they will spawn monster eggs, and you will have to collect them so that the number of monsters on your island is more than on other islands. Each beast has distinct characteristics within it. If the number of demons increases, their sound will also be more. Then you can participate in other concerts to win and get prizes.

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You have to try to make the island better with your fourth. Only then will your place become famous. You struggle to complete your levels. Along the way, you find many things that will help you grow your monsters. There will be a lot of things that you have to remove to get in your way. In my singing monsters mod apk update game, you have a lot of unlimited things which you can use for upgrading singing monsters and decorating the island.


Collect Funny Monsters

You can collect many monsters of different species. These will give you new nightmares. More monsters are beneficial to you. This way, your little island will grow. Each beast has other song characteristics. All monsters will sing a song together. In this way, your island will change into a concert. You will collect funny monsters, provide them food for growing and better singing. Give them what they like. This is how your island will develop.

my singing monsters mod apk unlimited gems 2022

Tricks For Level Complete

Manage to feed the singing monsters on your island. Try to keep your monsters happy. If the monsters are so glad and relaxed, they can easily fetch in-game items like coins, etc., because it is necessary to expand the island and complete your level. You have unlimited items in this game that you can buy for singing monsters. You can also place food stores for monsters. Feed them more food to make them grow faster and collect things. You must be patient as it takes time to cross each area.

Mod Features

HD Graphics

The graphics of my singing monsters mod menu apk are HD and very beautiful. HD graphics make the game more attractive and unique. Its graphics are designed very well by developers. The graphics of this game are like cartoons which look like a lot of fun. You may have played many games, but few games have good pictures. But this game is very good with all the features.

my singing monsters mod apk unlimited gems


This game has such a sound that will give you a lot of fun and change your mood into happiness in a pinch when you play this game. Many monsters will sing the song, and their voices will echo on the island. Monsters will become excellent musicians because of singing all the time. You will hear the sounds of these monsters in the game and laugh, but this way, the game will be more fun.

Unlimited Money And Gems

My singing monsters mod apk unlimited money and gems game is full of eternal things like money, gems, and more. Inside the game, you have many endless things and unlock items. With unlimited money and jewels, you have to buy anything for your singing monsters’ customization and decorating of the island.

How to install my singing monsters mod apk?

Open your Android and go to settings. Then open the google app; this my singing monsters apk game link is available, and download it from this page. When the download process is complete, then install it. After installation, play this game as much as you want on your Android for free.


We bring you this new mod game in which you have to buy and choose your own monsters and raise them in a better way. You have to feed them better so that they grow quickly and satisfactorily. If they grow well, they will sing well. It would help if you built a unique island for your monsters. If you have a separate place for your demons, they will be able to sing well there. Then your singing monster island will change into a concert. You will compete with others, and you have to win. You have unlimited money and gems in this game. This mod is free for Android. If you have questions about this gameplay, share them with us below.


What is the latest version of My Singing Monsters?

My Singing Monsters Mod Apk is newly released, and its latest version is 3.2. 2.

What is the rarest monster in My Singing Monsters?

Rare Ghazt is the most occasional monster in My Singing Monsters.

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