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Minion Rush Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) v8.8.0

Minion rush mod apk is a 3D game whose plot is similar to the world-famous movie Despicable 2. It means a variety of minions will be present, but your game will start only with one minion from them. After it, move toward game tracks to earn bananas and coins and unlock further minions from the shop. Several characters, like Carl, Mel, Jerry, Lucy, etc., have deep relations with our minions. Despite that, you can also receive attractive costumes, gifts, or other premium things by playing the game challenges marvelously.

NameMinion Rush Mod Apk
Size103 MB
Updated2 Days Ago
Average Rating4.6
Rating Count89797
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Everything

Storyline Of Minion Rush Mod Apk:

Minion rush apk 70% relates to the other popular running games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers. It has some unique aspects to ensure a new experience for its lovers.
First of all, this running game will give you just one minion; with it, you will have to join different paths. The purpose of joining these tracks is only to get bananas and coins. While the obstacles will also be on these paths, you will have to cross them using your mind strategy. So be quick to collect bananas and coins and pass the hurdles without focusing on other useless things.

collect bananas

In addition, the minion rush mod apk unlimited money latest version includes several minions; in other words, a unique minion world is in your wait. Note that a few minions in this game are your good wishes, but many are opponents who want to destroy you. So with good minions, you should be good, while in the case of destructive minions, you should also become fierce. Later, visit the shop and purchase new costumes for your minions. By this, your minions will also get power-ups and will not face any issues while crossing the obstacles.

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Exciting Features:

A Variety Of Tracks

In the minion rush mod apk, all unlocked games and various tracks are available, and the good thing is that your minion will run on them. The rules of every place are also unique, and you must strictly obey them. So do you want to avoid becoming a part of Gru’s laboratory, the Durakaviliion, the Mignon beach, etc.? If yes! Then this game will give you a sense of the Despicable 2 movie. Thus you should stay within your aim and collect as bananas as you can.

a variety of tracks

Marvelous Characters

This game has many marvelous characters, which are minions and evil bosses. Dave, Jerry, Carl, etc., are the primary minions, and your first journey will start only with Dave. He has a huge collection of costumes which give him power and make him stunning from every side. Gold, Lucy, and Dru are also good with you and will guide you to cross obstacles fearlessly. While Vector, El Macho, Meena, etc., are the evil bosses you will fight with.

Power-ups & Costumes

Game Modes

Minion rush mod apk supports single-player mode, special mission mode, training mode, etc. The single-player mode includes some tasks, and your game will always start alone. While in special mission mode, you will be assigned some missions, and by finishing them, you will be able to enhance your rank and get exciting rewards. The training mode also allows you to play with other minions of the world and learn new things about the game.

unlock tons of costumes

Power-ups & Costumes

In this cracked game, many power-ups and costumes are available, and your minion can pick them according to his mood. With these power-ups, collecting bananas, dodging obstacles, and fighting with other evil bosses will not be hard than ever. At the same time, the costumes are not only here to cover your body but will also make your minion majestic and powerful. This way, cross the obstacles and earn bananas, coins, costume cards, prize pods, and other exciting materials.

run with the minions

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money

After installing this modded game, you will obtain minion rush mod apk unlimited money from the system. With this, you can enhance your power-up limits and play the game effectively. You will also get premium minions free of charge as this money unlocks them for your pleasure. So get benefitted from this feature in the case of premium costumes. While the original version locks premium minions and costumes, you will have to spend money on these materials.

Key Features:

  • The system permits you to raise the limit of the powers.
  • Use power-ups and destroy the long queue of your rivals.
  • Take benefit of boosters and win the game within a few minutes.
  • Become a part of exciting game challenges to receive premium rewards.
  • Achieve different characters and costumes by just collecting the bananas.
  • The controls, storyline, and interface of this game are perfect from all angles.
  • Dodge obstacles and get minion rush mod apk (unlimited bananas and tokens).

Final Verdicts

Do you want to live with little and cute minions? If yes! Then you will have to download the minion rush mod apk from this page. In this running game, your minion is Dave, who is very skillful and entertains other minions. The tracks are full of bananas, and you should pick them up on time. By doing this, you can also unlock many premium minions and achieve exciting costumes. Remember that the costumes of this game not only make your minion beautiful but also raise his powers. Thus be fast to play the special mission mode and training mode. you can download its original version on minion rush play store page.


Q: How do you get boosters in Minion Rush?

If you want boosters in Minion Rush, then play all levels perfectly.

Q: How can I get new costumes in Minion Rush?

If you have a huge collection of bananas, then the Minion Rush will give you new costumes.

Q: What are the merits of the mod version of the Minion Rush?

The merits of the mod version of the Minion Rush is that it will give you unlimited money and characters only after downloading.

Q: Is Minion Rush Mod Apk have any age limit?

No, Minion Rush Mod Apk doesn’t have any age limit because it is for people of all ages.

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