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Lovestruck Mod Apk v9.6 (Unlimited Heart, Tickets)

Human nature is full of love and romance. Romance and love are the main things for human satisfaction. Keeping in mind human nature, many developers have made such romance-filled games. These games are full of interesting stories and romantic feelings. One of them is Lovestruck which is full of love scenes between women, men, or nonbinary characters. These games arouse emotions and hormones.

Voltage entrainment USA inc has offered it. We have given lovestruck mod apk to stimulate the feelings of love from the opposite gender where you can complete your romantic journey with a beautiful partner. Here you fall in love with some lovely ladies and desperately want them. It is full of passionate kisses and warm hugs. There are loving scenes that give pleasure to the emotions of the youth.

NameLovestruck Mod Apk
Size64 MB
Updated2 Days Ago
Average Rating4.7
Rating Count9854
Mod FeaturesUnlimited heart

The Storyline Of Lovestruck Mod Apk

The game is a romantic story like a novel where you will have a choice. It is based on simulated characters but greatly increases the intensity of your emotions. This story world is enough to get you hot and wet. First, your character will fall in love with the opposite gender. After this, the love journey begins, and romantic feelings arise.

You can fall madly in love with your partner. There are different types of love characters. More than 80 characters in the game you can choose from. These characters will be based on monsters, vampires, witches, and many charms in the lovestruck mod apk platinmods. It can be gangsters or holy gods. How awesome would it be to have romantic feelings for monsters, gangsters, or witches of your choice and kiss or hug them?

It also includes pouring your love on the holy gods and quenching the thirst for emotions. The report’s result will depend on your role’s romantic performance. You can reach a more interesting point in the game. It depends on your choice and hot partner.

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Main Features Of Lovestruck Mod Apk

Get Unlimited Tickets And Hearts

Lovestruck mod unlimited hearts has given you the facility where you will have total tickets and seats. So you can choose any design comfortably and provide maximum love. Now, You can spend more and more loving moments because of these tickets. Enjoy a Crazy date with your gods, monster, or vampires. To do this, you have to download this hacked lovestruck version.

collect all the beautiful images

VIP Unlocked

I want to say that the characters used in the game are designed in a great place that attracts the players easily. Now all these VIPs are unlocked for you; whether it’s a monster, a witch, a bad guy, or a gentleman, it’s all designed as if you’re doing it all. All your night will be colored with one of them in a room from this hacked version.

Join Me At Sin

Step into the world of danger and pleasure. This is an evil world where you will find all physical pleasures—a fun night after the seven deadly sins. One day you are an ordinary girl, and the next day a princess because there will be your reign. Can you easily discover who you love?

starship romance

The Fate-Changing Kisses

The destiny of the world lies in just one beautiful kiss. I love the famous gods of the Greeks. These lost kisses reveal a new experience. Your favorite characters are back for an experience romancing the Greek gods from the lovestruck mod menu.

Dive under the sea in this visual novel and find the hero of your dreams—all the things you can do here that you want to do. You will see all the novel’s romance on the screen. Will you be successful or not in solving the mystery of love in such a situation? Try the lovestruck mod apk to solve this puzzle.

assassin romance

Lawless Love And Villainos Nights

You are left alone with 5 romantic strangers on a remote island. Now you are destined to spend a wild night with these rascals. Illegal liquor will be there for you on these colorful nights. This night you can follow your heart’s desire and have fun in the world of pleasure.

Romantic Gangsters & Legends

There will be werewolves, Vampires, and Demons. You have to find your Supernatural Soulmate in this exciting story! Moreover, there will be the most famous and dangerous romantic gang of gangsters in Los Angeles who is after you and is eager to love you. Your heart will surely yearn to fall in love with these naughty boys.

supernatural romance

Queens Of Love

Here all the beautiful features of a woman’s body have been shown in a very realistic manner in lovestruck hacked. You will go through an experience where you can know how much fun can be taken from a woman’s body. By doing all this, your emotions also become uncontrolled. Choose your favorite romance and fall in love with beautiful women. Apart from this, you will also see men’s bodies full of masculinity. It is a golden chance for the full passion of the partner of your dreams.

gangster romance

Important Faqs Of Lovestruck Mod Apk

Can you play as a guy in Lovestruck apk?

Here the main character of every story is a woman, and at every level, a woman plays the main role. That is why men are not allowed among same gender. Perhaps, it is for its more conservative players.

Why was Lovestruck canceled?

A unanimous strike was announced several days ago. Voltage USA management refused to concede the demands of writing teams, and more significant protection has been reported.

What is the latest version of Lovestruck mod apk?

You can enjoy the latest version from Lovestruck 9.1 mod, where all the hacked features are present for your ease.

Final lines

Overall, I recommend this to have a new experience of wired love. I find a wide range of genres here. A major downside was to get hearts for premium, but now from Lovestruck mod apk, all these hearts are free now. I am absolutely satisfied with this version. It became very easy to read an extra chapter from it. you can download its original version on lovestruck playstore page

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