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Lost Life Apk v1.6 Free Download for Andriod

Today we are going to tell you about a very popular horror game. The lost life apk game is being played worldwide. People who love horror stories or movies will love this game a lot. The lost life game contains a very interesting story. This game can be played on your Android. Only young people and adults can play this game because the Lost Life game is out of mind for kids. Here you are going to start a scary journey. You are living a terrible life on this terrible journey. Here you are a fearful individual. Every action you take will affect the lives of others, so do your every action well. The Lost Life game is interesting and scary and you will definitely like it. The character of this Lost Life Apk is a little girl.

She is very scared and sad. This girl has a lot of difficult and scary situations that she will have to face alone. Help this troubled girl in Lost Life Apk. You have to do every action carefully because it can affect the future of this girl. There are different challenges for you in the Lost Life game. For those who love dangerous puzzle games and solving puzzles, we are offering a completely new version of the Lost Life Apk. Shikstoo Games published the latest Lost Life Apk game which has gained a lot of popularity.

NameLostLife APK
Size165 MB
Updated3 Days Ago
Average Rating4.1
Rating Count2873
Mod FeaturesOriginal Apk No Mod

Gameplay Of Lost Life Apk

In the gameplay, the girl is lonely. You have to play the role of a man. You have to comfort this girl and get her out of fear. Try to please this girl. Do what she likes and don’t bother him at all. She is suffering from loneliness because of this she is afraid of people. She is not ready to face any difficulties. You play your role better. Do something to make the girl happy and get rid of the fear of loneliness. Don’t do anything that will upset him further. If you don’t disturb the girl, you will be able to complete the missions well. Enjoy this simulation game. Do what the girl likes so that she likes you.

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Make this girl feel like she’s not alone and you’re there to take care of her. If you can’t do everything in Lost Life to make the girl happy, leave it and you can’t play it. Think carefully about everything you do because every action you take can affect your future. Solve the puzzles as best as you can and try to make this girl’s life better. Talk to the girl and try to terminate her scare. Your goal is to improve the girl’s life, so do all you can. As soon as the girl is slowly happy your mission will almost come to an end. The lost life apk walkthrough will save you from getting bored. Play the Lost Life Apk and test your skills.

Exciting Features

Decide To Make A Choice

You have full choice in this Lost Life Apk. Choose wisely what to do and how to do it. You have the full power to bring back the joys that have been lost in life. One puzzle is to tell your mother what you have. Now it is your choice whether you tell or not. Just keep in mind that the girl does not get angry. You will also be asked which concept you prefer. Each player will play in his own way. So deal with every problem in a better way. Therefore, it is important to choose the best solution to solve each problem for good results.

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An Interesting Story

The purpose of lost life’s latest version is to draw you to it. The image of this game will give all the explanations and I hope you understand. Try to understand what is happening in the gameplay and what they are saying. Here you are a young man who has to bring back the lost life of an innocent girl. You have to go with this girl. Here you will get a chance to talk with your family members. At night you will have to see much more. The interesting story of Lost Life will make your heart happy. When you play the Lost Life game you will understand everything after a few levels.

Many Chapters

The lost life apk all ending is filled with lots of unique chapters. Complete all the chapters correctly. Here you will be given a specific time in which you have to complete these chapters. Complete the chapter as fast as you can because you don’t have time. All chapters are more dangerous than each other. Face difficulties with complete caution.

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Interaction To Character

The game has a lot of features in which the player enjoys completing challenges and interacting with the characters. Lots of people spend their free time playing this Lost Life Apk. Play the game better and win. Everything in the Lost Life Apk is beautifully designed.


We always provide you with the best games according to your quality. As before we are providing you with a well-designed game today. You can download this Lost Life apk free download game absolutely free on our website. All 3D graphics and visuals of this game are very beautifully designed. Click on the link given below on our page. I hope you understand every challenge in the gameplay. Read this entire article to know all the information about this latest version of Lost Life Apk. If you have queries about this gameplay share with us below.


Q. What is a lost life game about?

This is an awesome horror game. Here you have to please the girl and explore many places.

Q. Is lost life offline?

You can play and enjoy this Lost Life Apk game on your Android easily.

Q. Who created lost life?

The Lost Life Apk is developed by Skeet Games. All the horror stories of this game are described in one picture.

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