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The kame paradise apk is designed for you in the best and most beautiful style. We provide you with a world-famous game that is well-liked. This game is very interesting and full of fun. People around the world play it on their Android or IOS. Once you play this game, you won’t want to leave it because this game will make you very happy and relax your mind. Inside the game is a girl named Kame, and you will meet her. The girl has a magic wand with which she kills enemies and represents animals.

The Kame Paraside Apk is an RPG game. The girl is killing the monsters because her father is with her, and the girl is doing all this to protect him. They live with their family in a beautiful paradise-like place. One day, some demons attacked her and took away her magic wand. This is a fantastic story. I hope you love it because it’s such an interesting and touching game. Yamamoto developed this amazing game. This game will give you a great experience. You can now download this game from our website and play it anywhere on your Android or another device.

NameKame Paradise Apk
Size112 MB
Updated5 Days Ago
Average Rating4.9
Rating Count64525
Mod FeaturesOriginal Apk


All you have to do in the game is to touch, and it’s very easy to play with touch controls. Here you have to collect coins and gems. You will get these when you kill the monsters in front. You have a lot of strengths with which you can compete well. If you have more coins, you can upgrade your powers with them; otherwise, not. After upgrading, you will have special powers that you can use in sometimes more difficult stages. You can also buy for yourself with coins. The more and better weapons you have, the more powerful you will be.

kame paradise apk latest version

The most interesting thing is that this game has three awesome modes. A Classic second is Time Attack, and the third is Endless. First, in classic mode, you must clear the board of what you have. In the Time Attack mode, you have a set amount of time before you clean up. The Endless mode is similar to the Classic mode. We provide you with a game full of unique features, so don’t miss this new version of the kame paradise apk.


Play With Other Players

In this epic game, you can play against any player. You can also fight with bigger powerful players. Fight with them in the best way by using your powers properly. Beat them and try to get the point. You can become a great player and make your name famous by fighting with them. Use your upgraded abilities and become the winner of the given challenges. This game is here if you want to relieve your boredom and have fun.

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Build An Army

Build your best army. If you have a well-trained army, you can easily defeat your enemies with it. You can also have monsters in your team as they are powerful and will help you defeat enemies. Be the boss of your team. If you love anime games, this is the game for you as you wish. Destroy the other teams with your team.

Complete The PVE Levels

Complete all the PVE levels with your powerful skills and abilities. If you compete with demons, your best so you can pass the level and go to the other level; otherwise, not. Each monster has unique qualities. You must eliminate these monsters very carefully and ensure no harm comes to you. Things are not unlocked in the kame paradise game. So complete these PVE levels to unlock the items.

kame paradise apk v1.1

Exciting Battles

In the Kame Paradise game, you are on a beautiful island where you meet a girl named Kame. An evil sorcerer has taken over the island you are on. Your goal is to eliminate this demon and the girl Kame also wants to end it. To complete this mission, you will have to face friends and enemies. This Interesting feature makes the game more attractive.

Control System

The Control system in this game is very easy. The touch control system of this is so simple. You will be told where to touch and attack. You have to touch to use the powers you will have. As soon as you start playing the game, you will understand how to play through the touch system. As we tell you in this article that its controls are the easiest, you will not have any problem here.

Techniques Of Fighting

In the Kame Paradise Apk, you have to use the techniques to fight. You have to use these techniques to avoid enemies. You will have to jump, you will have to bend, and you will have to face the difficulties that will come along the way, and demons have to be killed too.

Key Features

In Kame Paradise, there are more than a hundred levels.
Here you have to choose your character.
The sounds of this game are very good, which makes playing the game even more enjoyable.
This multiplayer game allows you to play online with whomever you want.
The game has a lot of cards that you have to collect.
How to install the Kame Paradise Apk?
Open your device.
Run your internet connection.
Visit our website, and the link is available on our page, so click it and download it.
When downloading the game, click the install.
When the installation process is complete, open the game.
Then play it and enjoy it.


Thousands of people search for this game and download it. Thanks, guys, for visiting our site. All the information about this game is available in this article. I hope you have read it completely and understand the game’s functions. If you want to play this game, a link is on our page below. Click it, so download it and enjoy it with your friends online. If you have any questions about this game, discuss them with us below.


Q. Is Kame Paradise Apk a free game?

Yes, Kame Paradise Apk’s latest version is a free game. You can download this game without paying because this is free of cost.

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