Jurassic-World-Alive mod apk

Jurassic World Alive Mod Apk v2.19.30 (Unlimited Battery)

You must have played new technology games. With the help of technology in games, the virtual world is made similar to the real world. If you want to play a similar game in which you have to face the terrible Dinosaurs in the virtual world, then you are in the right place. This is a game that features dinosaurs and their species. Here you can control the dinosaurs, grow them and make them do different things.

This game of these terrible dinosaurs has created a sensation in the world. Fans have created very dangerous dinosaurs in this game. The name of the company that originally made it is jam city, Inc. A large number of people have downloaded it to play on the Play Store, more than 10,000,000. It was released on 22 May 2018. To increase interest in the game, our developer has made this version of the Jurassic world alive mod apk with great effort. This version is perfect for unlocking new dinosaur key types and all the cool stuff.

NameJurassic World Alive Mod Apk
Size503 MB
Updated3 Days Ago
Average Rating4.6
Rating Count78561
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Battery

The Storyline Of Jurassic World Alive Mod Apk

This is the same game if you have ever played the Pokemon Go game. Here instead of pokemon, different types of dinosaurs are found. It would help if you tapped on the battle button to begin training with animal behaviour. League training will leads you to protect prehistoric life through special battle training. You have to change that by starting your DPG defence.

explore jurassic world

Your creature will deal damage based on the ability you select. From this Jurassic world alive mod apk latest version, you must give a basic attack against a creature, the dinosaur. Remember, your opponent can select the same abilities at the same time. You can use your given velociraptor speed advantage to act first. More claw marks mean more damage. There is a special attack of high punch. After winning this battle, you will get many rewards like coins, darts, and more. Due to better performance, the next maps will be opened.

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Main Features Of Jurassic World Alive Mod Apk

Enjoy Unlimited battery

In the game, you will find a collection of many dinosaurs. You can catch up with them and become an expert in genetics. Our developers have given this Jurassic world alive mod apk unlimited battery to make your dinosaurs more dangerous and better. These dangerous animals will become more powerful and will never be defeated because of this unlimited battery.

battle with your dino team

Unlock PVP Battle Ground

You can unlock the PVP battleground in the original version after completing 16 campaign missions. But in this Jurassic world alive mod apk, you can easily reach max level and unlock PVP battles. There is no need to wait or complete many missions. You need this hacked version to unlock all amazing battles.
Explore A New World With Friends

create new hybrids

One of the interesting things about Jurassic world alive is that you can invite your friends here and join them in various battles. The users will be asked to log in first. Here you can explore a world with location-based technology with your friends. You can collect rare and stunning dinosaurs and enjoy a friendly battle.

Enjoy Brilliant Rewards

In our version of Jurassic world alive mod apk 2023, you can enjoy brilliant rewards like fierce funds( silver and gold coins), rookie drone pilot, and pounce. These can also be collected by completing daily challenges. It will increase your damage speed. You can also get these rewards from daily challenges, but if you want to enjoy all these rewards at once, then you should download this.

collect dinosaurs

Get DNA Of Legantary Dinos & Genetics

On the map, you have to use your DPG drone to collect DNA from creatures on this map. You will need other creatures to continue this. The map will be a great place to find different creatures to help you during your defence league. First, you have to collect 50 or 100 DNA, and then you have to aim at the dinosaur and fire him. Make the dinosaur unconscious. After this, you will get a new common dino.

catch dinosaur DNA

In Jurassic world alive cheat engine, you can unlock different creatures of dinosaurs by DNA. These will be amazing apatosaurus, nodopatosaurs, iguanodon, ankylosaurs gen 2, and many more. Now you can unlock all these species with great XP.

Fight With Different Creatures

There will be an amazing opportunity to fight with different creatures. You will be given cunning and resilient creatures. Swapping actions always take priority, but it will cost a turn. Use your turn to swap your creature and gain a class advantage. Your opponent may be at a class advantage. Choose different attacks to defeat your opponent.

Important FAQs

Who is the fastest dinosaur in the Jurassic world alive?

Velociraptor was the highest-speed dino in the game before version 2.14, but it was changed when a new dino with a speed of 133 was added. The new fastest dino is Preondactylus.

What is the fastest way to level up in Jurassic world alive?

You have to increase your player level. It can be possible by gaining experience points. These points can be increased by fusing, evolving, or fusing a creature.

What is the max level on Jurassic world alive?

The highest level for your character so far is level 20. Level 26 is the max level for your creature in the game. You should have a certain experience for each level. It can be increased by fusing DNA or in some other ways.

How do you get better drones in Jurassic world alive?

You can get better drones with the hacked version of this game named Jurassic world alive mod apk. It can also be changed by drone style in settings.

What is the latest version of the Jurassic world alive apk download?

Its latest version is 2.19.30, updated on 26 Oct 2022 and requires android 5.1 and up.

Final Lines

It is an amazing dinosaur game where you can earn rewards and share your legendary dinosaurs. You are an expert trainer of ultimate dinosaurs. It was more fun to download this Jurassic world alive mod apk to watch all kinds of dangerous legendary dinosaurs. I suggest this game to enjoy an adventurous world of horrible creatures. you can download its original version on Jurassic World Alive playstore page.

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