Hustle Castle Mod Apk

Hustle Castle Mod Apk v1.61.1 (God Mode)

Hustle Castle mod apk is a rise of amazing medieval games, where you are the boss and manage your castle. You will be the master of a kingdom. It will provide you with an environment where you can take charge of your kingdom. You will be the only owner running the order and taking care of this castle. This is a medieval game where various tasks are done to fulfill the material needs of all the people living in the court.

The game has complex stages to advance the players to the bottom. It has generally played on Android and IOS. This game was developed by on 31 March 2017. The great thing is for players to upgrade their character’s abilities and weapons over time. Our developer has put a lot of effort into making the castle stronger and solving all the issues of the all kingdom efficiently. You can find all these simple features in the hustle castle mod apk.

NameHustle Castle Mod Apk
Size142 MB
Updated13 Days Ago
Average Rating4.5
Rating Count34656
Mod FeaturesGOD Mode

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The Storyline Of Hustle Castle Mod Apk

The game’s story is to strengthen the castle characters and provide basic needs to the kingdom. Abyss lord has captured the royal castle. He has captured the king and his daughter, that is your bride. Free them as fast as you can. It would help if you fought the enemy army at the castle walls to do that. Then you must take your prepared warriors to fight the abyss lord’s army. After defeating them, the abyss lord wars you that Lousy creatures! Behold my true power!

This dirty beast wants to execute the king and marry Princess Olivia. He is sure that your people will die in the darkness and Princess Olivia will be his wife. Our glorious Donald will help to gather an army. First of all, we need to repair a Barracks. Construction takes time, which we do not have. Let us use magic to speed things up. All the magic that helps us create things quickly is here in the Hustle Castle mod apk.

battle epic bosses

Main Features Of Hustle Castle Mod Apk

God Mode

Such a spell exists in the Hustle castle mod apk, where our kingdom army will have tremendous power. It provides a god mode in which all rules will be ours. That dirty beast and his army will be fragile against us. In this mode, you will find all the rooms and areas of the castle unlocked.

upgrade your characters

High Damage

To defeat a dangerous dragon’s army, we are giving you the hustle castle mod apk (unlimited money and gems latest version). It will provide maximum damage to the dragon’s army. Due to more strength, the military will be depleted quickly, and you will be the only king there and will free your princess quickly.

Time To Get Unlimited Everything

It has a variety of weapons and characters that are strong and dangerous for enemies. The swords, bows, and other spears that the castle’s people keep for protection are available for you for free. Now all the shopping for swords and characters is free by hustle castle mod apk unlimited everything.

multiplayer and pvp modes

Enjoy Unlimited Money

Here is hustle castle mod apk unlimited money for you. Most players worry that they need real money to make the castle army as strong as possible. They do not tolerate this. Players want to get all the characters and weapons for the kingdom and make themselves the strongest. When you have unlimited money in the game, you can unlock any character or weapon and use it.

increase the population

Repair The Barracks

You have to send an accessible subject to the barracks. Train your warriors in hustle castle apk. Then you have to tap and hold a unit to move it—Equipe a costume and weapon. There will be some pieces of equipment for another fighter in the wardrobe. The mighty warriors are ready to catch the abyss, lord.

build the castle of your dream

A Massive Story

The king and his daughter have transported some woods full of beasts that smell worst. You must choose a prisoner of war camp and attack with 10 apples. From this, you can save a few people from your army. Now you have a few more subjects. It would help if you fortified our castle for the battle, like building a dining hall, so the dwellers have enough food.

Send one of your subjects to the dining hall to provide them with food. You have to appoint a treasurer to get more coins for upgrading rooms in the castle. Now that life in the court has been established in the hustle castle mod menu apk. Then it would help if you went back to command your army.

Upgrade The Castle Rooms

You need to upgrade the Throne room to further boost the castle’s rooms. This may take 5 seconds or more. You are managing the court brilliantly with hustle castle mod apk unlimited diamonds. Remember, your actions will always be handsomely rewarded. The sage and Donald the glorious will always be in the vicinity. They will help you if something goes wrong.

Important Faqs Of Hustle Castle mod apk

What is the latest version of hustle castle?

The hustle Castle mod apk new version is v1.61.1. It is the feature-rich version for the best RPG experience.

How do you get stronger in hustle castle?

The only way to grow strongest in this game is to go ahead and banish the weak 2-star and 3-star. It allows your dwellers to realize their unlimited potential

How do you have a baby in hustle castle?

You need to assign a male and a female dweller to the room so they can date. It can be possible by unlocking a living room. A pregnant female dweller gives birth to a baby after a few hours in the game.


It is a great raid and battle in war by mighty kingdoms lands. While it does not have ads, it is very addictive and consumes too much time. If you prefer to spend less money on games and have limited time, you must install the hustle castle mod apk for more fun. You will be glad to see the super fun game. It has incredible events and items, and I love its art style.

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