how to schedule a text messages on android

How To Send Scheduled Text Messages On Mobile

Messages are important and inform us about the feelings of all people in this world. They also assist us in sending our thoughts to others and receiving something from them. But all this is about text messages, not the messages of the messenger. Most people must remember to send text messages at the correct time and face different problems later. In this way, they should read the article on how to send scheduled text messages on android from here so that they will be safe from coming problems and will be aware of the Messages app, Google Messages, and other third-party apps.

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How To Send Scheduled Text Messages On Mobile?

Sometimes, we can’t write a message in full detail because of sudden jobs. But later, we can schedule those messages without judging the device’s quality. To send the scheduled text messages on a mobile, we will only have to obey the given steps.

  • First of all, activate the messaging app from your device.
  • Explore the demanded person and start writing the text.
  • Get additional options by using the plus icon from the screen.
  • About 10 options will be on the screen, so go with the (Schedule message).
  • Reset the date and time with the help of the Done icon.
  • Last, use Send option so that the message will be scheduled.
scheduled a text messages on android

How To Schedule Text Messages On iPhone?

  • To schedule a text on iPhone, it is compulsory to get the Shortcuts app first of all.
  • Move to the downward page where the Automation tab is present.
  • Make sure to create personal Automation on time.
  • On the top of the page Time of Day option is present; go with it.
  • Start Managing the time for your message.
  • Choose the Month, Date, and Next options, respectively.
  • Let us prefer the Add Action icon.
  • Press the Next tab from the Action menu.
  • With this, you can choose the old messages from the Message field.
  • If the “Ask Before Running” option disturbs you, take the Toggle Next icon.
  • Thus adjust the Automation only by touching the Done button.
schedule a text on iPhone

How To Schedule Text Messages On Samsung Device?

  • If you want to schedule text messages on Samsung Device, only grip the Samsung SMS app from today.
  • First, access the Samsung Messaging app.
  • Your text message should be in draft form.
  • Activate the calendar with the Plus button and three dots.
  • Go to choose the Date & Time.
  • Touch the Send button to finish scheduling.
 schedule text messages on Samsung

How To Schedule A Text Message Using Google Messages?

  • Google Messages is a simple app that schedules text messages for its users in seconds.
  • Write the message after opening the Google Messages app.
  • Tap the Send button for 1 minute and get the Scheduled send option.
  • Choose the Date & Time for your text.
  • Thus prefer the Send icon to schedule the message.
scheduled send (PST)

Third-Party Apps To Send Scheduled Text Messages:

  • Textra
  • Pulse SMS

Textra is a matchless messaging app with more advanced features than other messaging apps. It gives customization options so that the users can enhance the size of their messages. With this app, sending the scheduled text message completes in a few steps. Let us go with the plus button and clock icon to start the scheduling for a message. Remember to adjust the Day & Time settings as in the future, it will inform you on what date you have sent your message. If there is a green clock icon with any text message, it is scheduled; otherwise, it is not. you can download its Textra SMS on play store page.

scheduled sms android

Pulse SMS is another popular app because of its smooth message interface. Its scheduling is perfect, which comes on the screen only with a 3 dots menu. Be fast to join the drop-down menu section and the “Schedule A Message” icon. After this, choose the date & time, message quality, etc., to access the Send option. With this app, we can get outstanding features and learn new tips about messaging. This messaging app has no drawbacks and informs about how to send a text at a certain time android.


Q: How do I schedule a text message on my Samsung Device?

To schedule a text message on a Samsung Device, you should access the Samsung Messages app, arrow icon, Schedule Message option, and Send button.

Q: Do scheduled messages sent if the phone is off?

If your phone is off, then you can not send scheduled messages.

Q: How do I know if my text was seen?

If the two checkmarks are blue, then someone has seen your text.

Q: How do you block someone from reading your text?

To block someone from the text reading, only access the messages app and use the Block button for that guy.

Q: How to send scheduled text messages on android?

If you like to send scheduled text messages on android, then use the messaging app, plus icon, schedule message option, Done icon, and Send button.


Everyone wants to learn about how to send scheduled text messages on android. So we are the first to provide you with a detailed article on this topic. The purpose of text scheduling is that we will be able to send all those messages which are present in the draft. During the text scheduling, your mobile should be turned on; otherwise, the text message will not be sent to other people. First, enable the messaging app and write the text. Then go with the plus icon to use the Schedule message option. Lastly, manage Time & Date and click the Send button for message scheduling.

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