how to remove background from a picture

How To Remove Background From A Picture On Android

If you want to change the background of an image, you are in the right place because today, we will tell you how you can customize the photo by removing the background on your AndroidAndroid. I am sure you will like these apps a lot. Removing the background of a photo on a mobile is not difficult, but some apps ask you to take certain steps.

Today you will learn how to remove a bad background from a photo and how to make a picture attractive with a good background. Below, we have mentioned some of the best apps you can use to fulfill your desire free of charge. If you are a gif lover and want to make gifs of your own pictures and videos then read our article about how to make gif and make your gif to make your pic or video more emotion full.

Lists Of Best Background Remover Apps

Remove Background Or Bg

This is a very simple app that you can easily run on your AndroidAndroid and customize the image as you wish. Do you want your photo background to be instantly removed? So why late? Download this app now and take advantage of it. Open the app and select the photo whose background you want to remove. Then the app will start doing its job and removing the background from your picture. After a while, the result will be in front of you. Then save your photo, and it will be saved in your Android gallery.

perfect background remover

Background Eraser App

The Background Eraser app has been very helpful in removing the background image. Here you will find lots of options to remove background from image free. You have to set all the options correctly. There are options for Auto, Magic, Extract, Manual, Repair, and zoom. The extract tool can crop as much of the image as you want. You can change the size of the image with the zoom option. You can lighten or darken the background of the image. If you have made a mistake while setting the image, you can correct it at the end. It would be better to zoom in to crop the picture properly. This app also contains ads, but they will not bother you much. You can download it from its play store page.

Eventual Background Remover

To remove the background of any photo, the new eventual background eraser is here for you. Some special options remove the background of the picture. When you remove the image’s background, you can put an important image in the photo’s background, such as the Taj Mahal. You can choose any photo from your Android gallery and set it as any photo background. Just as options are available in the how to change photo background in Android phones, the options available in this Ultimate Background Remover are similar.

Background Changer

Here you can learn how to remove background from a picture on AndroidAndroid and apply any background of your choice. First, open this app on your AndroidAndroid and select any photo from your gallery to set a background of your choice. If not from the gallery, you can also attach a new photo. You can choose any photo from your phone gallery. Then save the image after setting the background. The background you have set can be changed if it does not look good. This app, like other apps, has proven to be very helpful and has gained a lot of popularity.

auto removal background apps


Changing the background of any photo is very interesting. Above, we have mentioned the best background-changing apps. So are you ready to run these apps? So without hassle downloading, easily remove background from any image on AndroidAndroid for free and take full advantage of them. If you have questions regarding these apps, feel free to contact us in the comment section.


Q. Which tool is used to remove the background of an image?

With the GIMP tool, you can remove the photo’s background and adjust the image better.

Q. How to remove the background from a picture on a mobile phone without losing quality?

If you want the quality of an image to remain the same as before changing the background, the procedure is below.

Download the Fotophire Editing app.
Run it and open your image.
Set the background of the photo without quality loss.
Then montage the photo.
Finally, save it.

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