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How To Make A GIF From A Video On Android Phone Or Tablet

Gifs are images or videos with no sound and feature a person or anything else in motion. With gifs, you can share your feelings with someone. And I am sure you have seen many interesting gifs on different social and private platforms. But have you imagined that you can also create these types of gifs from any video?

Yes, I am saying that you wish to create your gif from the video of yourself or others. If yes, then I am telling you the easiest way to make a gif from a video on an android phone. This information is just for android users, so if you have any other device, then I am sorry to say that you should move on to the other guides. Today you will learn an easy way to make a gif with sound on Android.

  • The first way to make gifs is easy and can be done from a gallery.
  • You can create your favorite gif from the gallery without the internet or any problem. I am sure you will like and benefit from this method.
  • How to make a gif from a video on an android phone from a gallery is described below.
easy to way to create a gif

Create Gif From Gallery

First, click on the gallery on your Android and open it. Choose a video in your gallery that you like and from which you want to make a gif. Play this video and start making gifs. The next step is to click on the gif. Then choose the length and specific speed of the video you want to make a gif. Then save this gif video. Finally, you will find your gif saved in the gallery. This is the easiest way to make gifs on your Android, so don’t miss it. I hope you will love this method as much as I do.

Create Gif From Whatsapp

The next easy way to make a gif is via Whatsapp. This way, you don’t have to go to the gallery because you can create a GIF while chatting with someone on Whatsapp and enjoy sending it to the person you want. Making GIFs from Whatsapp is even easier. Weare also shares how to make a gif from a video on Android through Whatsapp, which will greatly benefit you.

  • First, open your Whatsapp app.
  • Then find the video you want to make into a gif.
  • Select the length of the video to a few seconds and cut the rest.
  • You can make a video GIF for at least 6 seconds, and you can’t make a GIF video for more time than that.
  • Then review the video you’re making a gif of.
  • After adjusting the length and speed of the video, click on the GIF option below.
  • Now that the video is converted into a GIF, your gif is ready to play and see as a GIF.
  • Finally, send your GIF video to anyone on Whatsapp and share your feedback.

There are also GIF-maker apps that you can use to create GIFs. You will find many apps for making GIFs, but one of the most famous and best is the GIPHY app which we will tell you how to use today. Do you have funny photos that you want to make into GIFs? If there are, it is possible to create GIFs with the GIPHY app.


The best gif maker app on the Play store is the GIPHY app mentioned below. This app will help you to create your favorite GIFs. Find different stickers and images and make a few seconds video of them. With this app, you can pick any meme or funny clip and turn it into a GIF. Create your favorite GIFs with unique stickers and filters through the GIPHY app and share them with others.

  • First, you need to install this app on your Android.
  • Here you have to create your account.
  • At the top, you will see the create button. Click on it.
  • You can select any video or create a new one from the camera.
  • Then set the time of the video and apply whatever you want to add to it.
  • After setting everything, click the arrow button.
  • Then save this GIF video and send it to whoever you want to send it to.
  • You can limit the GIF video to yourself or show it to the public.
giphy app to create new gif


Q. Can I make a GIF on Android?

You can convert it to a GIF on your phone by selecting a photo from your gallery or taking a live video or photo. With the simple methods we have told you about today, you can easily create GIFs on your Android and turn others’ time and your own time into happiness.

Q. Does a GIF have a sound?

None of the GIFs have a sound, and they are voiceless.

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