how to extract a zip file on android

How To Extract A Zip File On Android? Unzip Your Files

Before guiding you about how to extract a ZIP file on android, I want to briefly explain what is a Zip file. If a compression algorithm compresses files then the collection of these will be a Zip file. We have noticed many associations between Zip files and laptops which highlights positivity. While an android user can also use Zip files by just installing accurate software. Google Files is good for Zip file opening but the Samsung File Management Software is better than that. Besides that, ZArchiver may prove matchless in the case of Zip file extraction. You may also read how to install xapk files that will also help you a lot in your android journey.

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How To Open Zip File In Mobile?

  • First of all, access the Google Play Store to download the Zip files. But remember that the official files come with the “Google LLC”, so if the Zip file has this option then install it otherwise leave that fake app.
  • The Allow option in the mid of the page will give you the demanded files.
  • After it, use the “Allow access to all files” option to get further files.
  • Explore the Zip file from the Download section but if it is not there then you should use the Magnifying Glass Search tab.
  • Surely, the 4th step will give you access to the Zip file, so go with the “Extract” option.
  • At this moment, all the extraction files will be on the screen panel and you can delete them by tick mark and the Finished option.
  • In last, choose the “One” option because all contents have been transferred into the original Zip. Besides that, the three dots option is helpful for sharing, renaming, and deleting purposes.
how to install zip files on android

Open ZIP Files By Other Apps:

There are some apps like WinZip, ZArchiver, RAR, etc by which you can open the ZIP files on your Android device whenever you want. So know the working of these applications from below.


WinZip is a mobile desktop where various ZIP and ZIPX file formats are present. You can increase the file formats because the app supports the Windows version. There is an unzip files option that comes in contact with the All Archived Files and Unzips button. While ZIP file encryption is also possible but you will have to pay money for this premium feature. Besides the above, WinZip is favorable with Google Drive and OneDrive by which you can open the ZIP files of the cloud and can save them to your android device.


If you want to get the ZIP Archives on your android device, then you should use ZArchiver with us. Many compressed file formats like ISO, RAR, GZIP, etc are available and surely you will obtain the format of your need. Unlike other apps, this app will never force you to uncompress anything as you can access and watch all content at every time. A list of split archives is also there but a few of them does not support the file formats. While for file extraction you will have to prefer the “ZIP file” and “Extract here” tabs.


In my view, RAR is a matchless program that supports ISO, 7Z, ZIP, and various other files. Let us choose a file format so that the app will start its compression within minutes. The setup and process of RAR are appreciable and all of us can access the premium ZIP content at all times. If your archives have been damaged, then this app will prove a repairing tool but this offer is just for the android platform. Thus grip the archive and choose Extract files to get the premium ZIP files of RAR.

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How To Unzip Files On Android?

  • For file unzipping, you will have to go with a special file manager because here the files are selected from Google and Android Go Devices. During the file extraction, your device must have some additional storage otherwise the “Memory Full” error will annoy you. Thus come with me as now I am telling you how you can remove the full space of your android device in seconds.
  • Use Google Play Store to download some files on the android device.
  • Join a folder where your Zip files are present.
  • Begin the phenomenon by preferring the Zip file and Extract option.
  • In this way, all the extracted files will be in front of you.
  • So use the Delete ZIP file and Finished tab to get rid of useless files.

Final Verdicts

Mostly, ZIP files are extracted by computers but if you dont have a computer then the blog on how to extract a ZIP file on android is only for your taste. Let us extract the ZIP files on an android device by downloading the compressed files. Recently some of my customers have talk me that the file manager of their android devices is not opening the ZIP files properly, so I have already mentioned a few other files to give them access to ZIP files if their file manager is not working.


Q: Can you open a ZIP file on Android?

Yes, you can open a ZIP file on an Android with the help of Google App Files.

Q: Why do we need to extract files?

Files extraction is essential which permits us to watch various contents.

Q: How to extract a ZIP file on android?

To extract ZIP files, you will have to access File Explorer and Zipped Folder.

Q: What happens when you extract a ZIP file?

During the ZIP file extraction, the system creates another folder for files.

Q: Why can not I extract a ZIP file?

If you are facing complications in ZIP file extraction, then you have not downloaded the ZIP file correctly.

Q: Where do ZIP files go on android?

All ZIP files join the Download folder of the android device.

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