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How To Change Icon Size On Android Phone (Simple And Easy Way)

Suppose you want to change icon size on Android and see icons in big or small sizes. So we will give you information about this procedure today. Some people don’t want a big size and prefer an average size so that the icon fits on the Android screen and they can enjoy the fit icon. Some people like the enormous size of the icon to enjoy the immense size and want to see the icon look more elegant. It becomes difficult to change the size of the icon without any information.

According to our information, you can change the icon on Android as per your wish. Some icons of Android are fixed in size, making it a bit difficult to resize them, but after the information given here, you will not have much difficulty if you have an older version of Android, no worries. All Android versions offer settings on their home screen. From these settings, you have to select the option you want.

Do You Know?

You can set custom icon sizes from any Android version’s screen settings.
You have to press the screen for a while to change the icon on the Samsung phone screen.
If you don’t see any such option on the screen, you need to use Android third-party launchers that allow you to customize the icon size on the net.

make your apps icon bigger or smaller

How To Resize Icons On Android?

You can easily change the icon on new Android devices because there is a modern and easy way to change the icon. Change your Android icon according to the instructions below.

  1. Go to settings in your Android.
  2. There will be lots of options from which you have to click on wallpaper & style.
  3. There you will see the option of App Grid; tap on it.
  4. Finally, you must select the icon size as per your choice 5 x 5 or 4 x 5 Or whatever.
  5. When you select the icon size, the sample above will show you how the icon will look changed.
  6. Then when you remove the settings and look at the screen, you will see what the icons, big or small ones you changed, look like.

All different Androids have slightly different ways of Changing icon size on Android. The procedure for big or small icons is the same. Icon resizing is difficult on older mobiles, so some launchers are mentioned below, which make it possible for you to change icon size.

Nova Launcher

This launcher is very beneficial for older Android and Samsung users. They can quickly change their icon size as they want with this launcher. This launcher provides them with a lot of conveniences.

Microsoft Launcher

This launcher can change icons on your smartphone’s home screen without using a grid. You can change icons and select a lot more with the Microsoft launcher.

Go Launcher

Install go launcher. Then press and hold the screen for a while. Go to settings and select custom icon size.

Apex Launcher

In this Apex Launcher, you will get the complete option to change icon size from 50% to 150% in settings. You can download the original apex launcher from the play store. For further information, you can also watch this video.


Above mentioned, all launchers are recommended for all Androids and are very helpful. We hope you understand the information on How to change app icon size on Android we have given you. You can quickly put your favorite icons on your Android screen with these launchers and the information provided.


Q. How do I change the size of the icons on my Samsung phone?

Go to phone settings.
Click on the Home screen option.
After clicking the Home screen, touch the Home screen grid.
Then select the size of the icon as per you want.

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