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How To Breed Tribal Dragon In Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends is a magical game of dragons. You have to collect many dragons in one city and fight battles. You will be invited to an island of secrets, where hundreds of dragons live and keep happening many adventures. Your pet animals are taken to travel a fantasy land of animals. Reach your pet to your higher leagues.

In the monster training simulation, you have to make each dragon a super-fighting legends hero. Dragons breed when they reach high levels leagues. To upgrade your dragon collection, missions are essential. This very day we are talking about the breeding of tribal dragons in the dragon mania legends. Firstly, we need to know how main dragons breed in the game.

How To Breed Dragon In Dragon Mania Legends

In the breeding den, dragons can breed. This is the only place where dragons can produce and be paired with two adult dragons that reach level 4 or higher. The type of two dragons and the elements determined how long the dragons can breed and which dragon will be produced from the breeding. You can generate the best dragons by the combination of two legendary dragons.

dragon mania breeding guide

The breeding den is where dragons can be paired and start breeding after a fixed time. As long-time dragons have to produce, you get the rarer dragon. If you use two same elements, dragons, for example, Earth dragon and earth dragon, it will only result in the breeding of the same dragon Earth dragon. Dragons inherited one or more elements from both parents.

How to breed tribal dragon in dragon mania legends

The tribal dragon is reproduced and breedable. It can be obtained between two dragons or allowed to pass the Fire, wind, and earth elements. It can also be purchased from the leading shop in exchange for 850 Gems, but the trainer is required to reach level four for both methods.

Select a bee dragon and a tree dragon to breed a tribal dragon, and both dragons can breed a tribal dragon. It will take 9 hours and 36 minutes to produce. After this, the emergence of the eggs begins, and after collecting rewards and fixing the time, you have to swipe the egg, and the dragon will come out of the egg. You will see a red and radish dragon. It is a rare dragon that is bred. After you receive a baby tribal dragon, Swipe on the dragon, and you will get coins.

After some time, he will look tired. He feels hungry, and you will see him walking to the food and have to feed him some more. There is a blue light power on his back. Go back to feed him and check his adult form, then, he will look like an adult dragon, and he will still have the features on his head and look more ferocious. You have to feed him some more. This is the way how to breed tribal dragons in dragon mania legends.

Breeding tokens

The breeding tokens help you to give a chance to breed a dragon that can produce in a limited time or temporarily. These are the particular tokens. The dragons have to follow the same principles as the breedable dragons can. From the Dragon collector Leaderboard, Five tickets can be obtained, while other tokens can be obtained from other events.

If a dragon that has already been activated gets a pass, then the period will be extended in which the dragon is obtainable for the breed. After breeding the dragon from the permanent token, it will remove from the results of any combination of breeding. It means it will be available only for purchasing or any other breeding method. To breed the dragons, you must have to reach Level 4.

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