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House Chores Apk 0.10.2 Download Free For Android

We bring you tons of games that have different stories from each other. Household chores are a part of life, as described in today’s game. The main character in the game is a boy who is a college student. You have to play the role of this boy. The boy has summer vacation, which he has come to his mother to spend. He is forgetful. The one he is staying with is his stepmother. Stepmother takes excellent care of the boy. The stepmother is a young woman. She cares about you more because she is interested in you. By this, you are suspicious and wonder what is going on. There will be more and more strange scenes that you will have to face. Sirens Domain Patreon publishes the House Chores Apk.

There are two other people in this house. They are two women your stepmother has called. Now you have to spend vacations with three women in the house, one of whom is a stepmother. These three are beautiful young women. Since you will be with these women all day, relationships and interactions with them will likely increase. Now play the game to discover what will happen in your life and how the holidays will go. Check out this article below to discover what’s happening this summer vacation. But more fun will be when you play this house chores apk. The features of this game are exciting, along with its story.

NameHouse Chores Apk
Size783 MB
Updated2 Days Ago
Average Rating4.8
Rating Count25894
Mod FeaturesOriginal Apk

Gameplay Of House Chores Apk

This game is straightforward and exciting. After reading its gameplay, you will understand and know how easy the house chores apk download the latest version. We always provide you with the latest version of this game. Every day there will be new changes in the game, and there will be different interactions. With something new in the house, daily chores increase the interest in playing the game. New challenges will be faced daily. Solve these challenges by playing the best way.

keep your house clean

Whatever is in the game must be solved; otherwise, it is difficult to end the game. You can choose what you want to talk about. Be thoughtful about what you talk to women about. You have to talk thoughtfully so that the result is good. After some conversation, the plot changes. You will have to face surprising situations. You have to do a lot to get through a plot. The excellent graphics of the game make it more beautiful, which makes the player love this game. During playing the game, the best visuals make the game fun to play.


To Do Housework

This is a dating game. If you don’t know anything about dating games, then definitely play this house chores game for android and get experience. Your stepmother keeps you at home with her and takes good care of you. So it is now your house, and you have to do the work of this house. Protect this home. Your stepmother will ask you to help her with the housework. You have to do what she says. Don’t waste your time on video games.

Dating The Person Of Choice

There are three women where you are. You are a boy of minor age. No problem with early age; date the woman you like. You have the complete choice to date whomever you want. All three women like you. If you do anything wrong in the game, the result will be harmful, and women will start hating you. Then she won’t even want to date you. This way, you will miss out on the dating scene in the game. To be sure of dating, it is better to make every decision carefully.

houe chores latest beta version

Excellent Ending

A better end will be when you want it yourself and ensure it. A perfect ending is possible if you make all the decisions in the game well and thoughtfully. If you don’t make any right decision and women are angry, the outcome will not be good. By playing the game over and over, you can get different endings. You have played once and want to finish better next time, so it is possible.

Wonderful Graphics

The developer has designed the graphics of House Chores very well. Apart from the house, the game has many other locations that are beautifully designed. The school where the boy studies are very well designed. This is an excellent simulation game with realistic graphics. Good graphics are also a means of attracting people to the game.

get help from the girls

Simple and Good Controls

Its controls are straightforward. The controls are to be used as instructed in the game. Controls in the game will be sequential. Touch the given button for any task to be selected. You must gently tap on the screen to play the game and control your character. The given long dialogues can be removed by touching and moving on.


The House Chores game gives you a great experience of what happens in daily life routine. Millions of people love this game and play it on their devices. We provide you with a free game. Here you will see exciting scenes and interact with relationships that will surprise and make you happy. After reading this entire article, I hope you have all the information about the game. I am sure this game will surely impress you. Download this game now for free from our website. Finally, I would like to say that we are very grateful to you for visiting our website.


Q. How to install House Chores Apk?

Open your device and run an internet connection because it is impossible to download the game without the internet.
The link is available on this page, so click on it and download the latest version of House Chores Apk from our website.
Then install this game.
When the installation is complete, open it on your device and enjoy your time by playing it.

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