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Guardian Tales Mod Apk 2023 (Unlimited Gems/Platinmods)

If we talk about a game full of adventure with a lot of beautiful and fantastic characters that entertain the player, then Guardian Tales apk is a game for players who are fond of adventure and puzzle solving. If you have a deep interest in solving puzzles, you must install this game. It’s a game you’ve been looking for, and you’ll get a great variety of things to do. The most exciting thing is that it gives you a chance to progress by solving puzzles.

It has gained fame because of its amazingness. If we talk about the play store, its hits are very high. Recently it got 5,000,000+ downloaders. Seeing the people’s interest in the game, our developer has given you a good and relatively improved version named guardian tales mod guardian which can be fully free for you to enjoy the game more.

Name Guardian Tales Mod Apk
Size125 MB
Updated4 Days Ago
Average Rating4.2
Rating Count7523
Mod FeaturesUnlocked Gems/PlatinMods

Interesting Overview Of Guardian Tales Mod Apk

It can be said that the storyline of guardian tales is exciting. The characters of the game are also not less important. These characters are cute and co. Create a team that defends you. The game will give you 50 heroes with around 100 weapons. You can choose and play as a team of 3 heroes. It is harmful to face the enemies alone, and it is dangerous for you to form your groups and defeat the enemies with a team and attack them.

Each of the heroes you select will have their unique, and each hero will attack the enemies according to their abilities; these abilities will be different. In the guardian tales mod apk, you can build your custom island or a circus if you love clowns. Attack the devil masters who live in the dark dungeons, explore the dungeons, and attack the devil monsters. Beware and be careful of evil monsters because the hero has arristone’s.

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Lift heavy stone-throw bombs, discover new paths, and reach your destination, which will give you access to the courses which are amazingly hidden. Solve puzzles to access the hidden pathways and find the ways. It is not uncommon to face strategic action,n. Yes, facing it would help if you were fully armed and powerful. You need to have intelligence and adventure to fight against it. So prepare your heroes and make them powerful.

Important Features

Unlimited Everything

Our developers are giving you guardian tales mod apk unlimited everything in which you will get everything for free. You don’t need to invest any money because we will get everything free. This is entirely free. We know that not everyone has the resources to invest that money, but they want to enjoy the game to the fullest and have access to unlimited everything, so come and enjoy it as much as possible.

Epic Sounds And 4D Graphics

Here you will be given the most beautiful type of graphics that are soothing to the eyes and which everyone gets satisfaction from seeing and takes a good effect. Guardians tales mod apk has 3D and 4D epic graphics. Besides, its sound effects are also very soothing, giving the audience an excellent impression. By enjoying the graphics and sound of this game, they will fully agree that it is a game with beautiful graphics.

guardian tales apk mod

No Ads And less for space consumer

Guardian tales mod apk latest version is a version in which your mobile doesn’t need to have a lot of space. You can play this game at a minimum, where there won’t be any ads that spoil the fun of the Christiana ad-free Version where there won’t be any ads. So come and enjoy it without any interruptions.

Get Easter Eggs

Getting Easter Eggs is a fun thing to do. You can reach Easter Eggs. Getting easter eggs is a Christian festival. It is full of secrets, and by getting easter eggs in guardian tales mod apk god mode. Get easter eggs and uncover the secrets of the game and go further. I loved that you will get easter eggs as you level up the game. It contains tons of easter eggs as you unlock and find them.

Create A Guild

To make the game more interesting:
Make a guild of your friends.
Play with a team and build various forts.
Get easter eggs, drop heavy stones, defeat enemies, and so on.
e puzzles to defeat the enemies for sure. With the guild of the game, you will continue to earn more awards in fun. The better the guild performs, the more each guild member will get rewards…

fight with other guardians

Unlock Items of the Latest upgrades

The game gets upgraded occasionally and introduces upgrades, new characters, maps, and other essential things that are unlocked. Stay aware, open all kinds of characters, and use these characters in-game to defeat the enemy. In this version of guardian tales mod apk(unlimited money), you will get new hero upgrades which can be unlocked with money for freheaven holds.


Q: What is the fastest way to get stronger in guardian tales?

1 To increase the level of your hero, you have to spend EXP on them, and their stories will increase.
2 you should have t increase your equipment and weapons
3 you should have to build or land upgrade your landmark buildings in heaven hold.

Q: What is the max limit break in guardian tales?

Reaching level 77, the limit break of a hero is up to five minutes.

Q: How many worlds in guardians tales? 

There are 14 worlds in it. They have been divided into 4 main stages. 8 stages will open. First, others will open subsequently.

Q: Can you play guardian tales offline?

Unfortunately, This game requires an internet connection. It is a hindrance for favorites you can collect daily by logging in to the game.


Indeed it is a great game to play by solving puzzles. The pixel art is good as well. The graphics are also beautiful. In short, it is an addictive game. It makes you want to stick to the mobile for a long time. It is one of my favorite games. Guardian tales mod apk makes it more exciting and more fun to play. Hurry up and install this version.

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