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Nowadays, these games are famous where there is something mysterious and adventurous to do. In these games, there will be many tasks where you will play a good role. If you want to play the role of a beautiful young blonde, you must try this simulation game. In Girl House Apk, you will be in a hospital as a patient. In this hospital, a doctor will help you to recover soon. It will be an excellent help to recover after waking up in a coma.

In the game, you have lost your memory. The doctor will do everything possible to help you get your memory back. The world is full of fans of this game because people love the content that is provided in the game. Astaros 3D games have developed this game. It can be easily played on Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

NameGirl House Apk
Size255 MB
Updated3 Days Ago
Average Rating4. 6
Rating Count673486
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money

Overview Of Girl House Apk

The game starts in such a situation that the main character wakes up in a hospital. At this time, his memory has decreased. He has lost his memory due to an accident. He can recall all the events of the past in a flash. The bad thing is that he hardly remembers all the circumstances of his past life. He is also sure that the problems he has suffered were not accidental.

It is based on a story of coma, women, and drugs. A blond young man finds himself in a hospital room in a state of confusion. His attention was on his wife leaving the red light, distracting him. After that, the accident happened, and he went into a coma. You will find all the stereotypes of dirty movies and bad games in Girl House.

Then a detective man accuses him of mixing cocaine with drugs in his car. A conversation will decide it because it is a novel-like conversation. Here you have a choice to make your angelic decision. You will also have the option to create a devilish decision and choose a ridiculous discussion. It will lead to funny results.

wakes up in a hospital

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Essential features of Girl House Apk

Fascinating story

It contains a fascinating story about a house where boys and girls have to live together. The story keeps changing according to the novel. Later, boys and girls fall in love. Its characters can be adjusted according to the choice. In olden times, one did not need much to satisfy oneself. People were satisfied with magazines or watching videos of vulgar content. Now the internet is full of bad audio and video content for adults. It has provided fascinating stories and games for them.

boys and girls have to live together

Get Unique characters

This game contains new and rare types of characters. The actions and further actions of these characters will be in our hands. The story can be customized. All these characters will be available to you quickly by downloading the APK version.

rare type of characters

Enjoy Fastest Service

Girl house Apk will provide you with the fastest services. There will be no interruptions in the game. Now playing the game will be more fun because of the faster service. It becomes straightforward to download on Android. This has many interesting effects that attract adults. These effects Make it more accurate, which looks like this game resembles the real world.

effects that attract adults

ADs Free

Girl house apk latest version has new and exciting features for you. Here you are being given a free version of any redundant ads. Now you will not be bothered by any more useless ads. Here, these ads will not cause any hindrance for you.

exciting features for you

Multiple Languages

Now the game is not only in one language but in many fascinating languages so that the players’ interest is more. The different languages of these games are Italian, Greek, Persian, Finnish, Chinese, Turkish, Thai, Gujarati, Korean, Spanish, German, Hindi, English, and many more. Due to these different languages, the number of fans of the game has increased day by day. It is beautiful now that people in every region can easily read their novels and stories.

Free Download

Girl House apk free download for Android is here for you on Android. Now you can easily download it on your mobile with just one click of a button, and you don’t need any purchase. Indeed, we are giving it to you for free. You have to click on the link, and you will quickly get this free apk version.

Unlimited Money

We are giving you the girl house apk final version mod apk to make the game more enjoyable, where you will have unlimited money for you, so you can unlock any good character in the game and develop it as you wish. The original version requires real money to do everything that most people don’t like to do and spend real money during the game. This version is made so that you can make the game’s characters more attractive with your unlimited money.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs)

1 How to download the girl House apk?

There is no need to do some hard work, but it is straightforward. You have to click on the given link, and after that, this version will start installing on your android device.

2 What is the size of the girl House apk?

This game requires 848 MBs. You can easily download this game if you have a suitable Android device.

3 Is girl House mod apk safe?

It is completely confidential and safe, protecting you from any external threat affecting.

Final Lines

Ultimately, girl house apk is an exciting game for adults. You will get addicted to it while playing. Moreover, you are so attached to the screen that you don’t want to be separated from your phone. Its hacked version makes it more interesting, so quickly download our given link to enjoy this game. you can watch girl house movie on playstore page

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