Fallout Shelter Mod Apk

Fallout Shelter Mod Apk v1.14.19 (Unlimited Money)

As the name of the game, it is comprehensible that, this game is about the story of the shelter of paramount disaster tunnel dwellers. This game is a master plan game it totally depends on the arguments of people and people also. Fallout shelter game will put you in control of a state of an underground vault.

This game has awful features but some of them can be obtained with few restrictions and money exchange. Here we are providing you with the hacked variety of the game. Fallout shelter mod apk will allow you access to all features and provide you with unlimited items of the game.

NameFallout Shelter Mod APK
Size270 MB
Updated8 Days Ago
Average Rating4.5
Rating Count16643
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money

Overview of fallout shelter mod apk

While playing the game, you will have to play the role of a leader of the base, and your work is to expand this essentially. You can enter one of the shelters with some people who have to remain alive and will set up a new life in the basements. As the game start, there is nothing in your shelter except water, food, and electricity. You will select as a leader of this underground city.

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It is up to you what you decide to do with the given forces. You must captivate the forces and put them in an equitable place so they do not have trouble. The game’s central character will be provided with different items like intelligence, feeling, strength, luck, and tolerance. You have to build different rooms and factories if you can have to keep more people and more shelters. Then you will get to the following levels quickly. The main point of this game is to live the best possible life.

Essential features of fallout shelter mod apk

Get unlimited money

Fallout shelter mod apk obb has prepared to allow you all items in this game without real money. This version will offer you unlimited things and unlimited money, diamonds, and everything. Visit our page to unlock all items of the fallout shelter game.

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Unlimited everything

This hacked version of the fallout shelter game can provide you with all game items without any cost. From Fallout shelter mod apk free shopping, you can shop all things freely and increase your vault.

Free lunchboxes

You can get lunchboxes from the bottle caps. This is the way to get lunchboxes, but it requires completing some challenges. Here is the trick to getting unlimited lunchboxes in the game without any effort of collecting bottle caps. Our server provides you the fallout shelter mod apk unlimited lunchboxes to make it much easier and more enjoyable.

fallout shelter mod unlimited lunchboxes

Magic box

The magic box is an essential feature of the game. If you have the magic box, you will get four cards. Each card has an item to play with. These magic boxes can be obtained by performing several missions or purchasing real money in the game’s original version. In this fallout shelter mod apk, you will get unlimited cash, and you will be able to buy a magic card easily. You can get 100 credits, including clothing, weapons, and a survivor.

Create your avatar

Here you can create your avatars according to your own will. The basic version requires limited time and has to do different missions to create an avatar of the character. This moded version will allow you to create your different fashionable avatars. You can create an avatar with different fashion styles.

3D beautiful graphics

The original versions have different basement graphics. Graphics attract people very much. Fallout shelter mod menu apk has carried beautiful 3D graphics. These graphics are not available in the original version but, of course, in this moded version.

Important FAQs

Is fallout shelter offline?

Surely, Fallout shelter does not need an internet connection while playing. But there are some features like purchasing something that will require an internet connection.

How many GB is the fallout shelter?

It contains 2GB storage of available space.

Can fallout shelter mod apk free download?

Yes, this is the cracked version of the fallout shelter, and you can download it free from our site.

Can fallout shelter be played on PC?

Yes, you can install this game on a PC with the help of Android Emulators. After this, you can play this on a PC.

How do you get free lunchboxes in Fallout Shelters?

You have to earn bottle caps and can get lunchboxes for free. You have to click in the bottom right, and three objects will appear simultaneously. After you complete it, it will automatically renew.

Final lines

This game is fun; I play it almost all the time. Fallout shelter mod apk is a fantastic version of this game. The audio and visual features are unique. The cracked version contained all the fantastic things someone needs to improve his basements in the game. Come to visit our site to have more fun and enjoy this game’s modded features.

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