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Download ExtraLife Apk 0.5.1 Free For Android

The extralife apk is a new modern exciting novel. The story is a little different in this adventure game. This game has been updated recently. The story of this game has a dating program. You will meet a lot of people in the program. You will talk to these people. There are also women among these people. You can do much more than talk to them and have many options. Whatever you do, do it carefully. There are exciting scenes in the story. This game is well developed with great features. This is one of the best games to play on Android. Millions of people play it on their smartphones. The new version of Extra Life is full of challenges.

RNGeusEX makes this a romantic game with a lot of hard work. The game has lots of stages to play. There is a vast city to explore. Choose to complete each step as you wish in the game. Think about how complete the adventure is. Enjoy the experience with Noriko and Yasuka. There are tons of characters in the Extra Life Apk. You can also change the names of the characters you meet. The Extra Life Apk has a fantastic backdrop that changes from morning to evening and night. The game has a lot of hidden secrets that you have to find. Finding hidden objects is a must to complete the challenges correctly. The rest of the Extra Life Apk information is explained below.

NameExtra Life APK
Size635 MB
Updated23 Days Ago
Average Rating4.6
Rating Count28239
Mod FeaturesOriginal Apk

Gameplay Of Extra Life Apk

There are eight large factions in this gameplay, and about 200 characters have been added. The characters in these groups have different excellent abilities. Those characters are strong enough to face the Extra Life Apk’s difficulties. They can quickly solve all the problems faced. You have to establish peace in the locations in the game. Bring all groups together for the cause of world peace. All those groups exist in different areas. So explore all the places to find them and collect them. There are more than 50 locations in the Extra Life game.

choose your favorite character

So the journey of extralife apk visual novel is not easy and faces many difficulties. Different interactive objects are hidden in other places. Collecting these items or weapons is essential as they will help you find groups. Your enemies are also present in these places. Your weapons permit a lot to defeat these enemies. By eliminating your enemies, you can complete your objective, and your interactive items have a significant role in achieving your mission. You also have to face dangerous zombies on the way. You can set the number of zombies you want in the gameplay, which is an exciting feature. Even You have the complete option to upgrade your skills. So upgrade your skills to complete your goal in the gameplay. Somehow it is related to the zombie retreat apk.


Slow Speed

You can slow down your pace. Slowing down is essential because weapons must be collected in various places. Gain some skills with low speed. Gaining skills and having weapons is necessary because it is challenging to access unique locations without them. You have complete control over your speed. Gain combat skills at a low rate by killing zombies and different strange creatures.

Control System

The control system of this Apk is straightforward. All you have to do is touch the screen. You will be delighted when you see its simple controls. This gameplay will keep you glued to the screen for hours. The developers of this game have designed its rules very well. With one button, you will attack the zombies. You have to jump by touching one button. When enemies attack, jump to avoid the attack. You can grab the enemy by pressing the attack buttons you have. Double tap to run. If you want to sleep, touch the health meter you have. If you sleep, your energy will be restored, which is necessary to complete the missions in the game.

100% Secure

We are providing you today with a secure game. There are a lot of websites that don’t have certain games and steal people’s privacy, but our website is not like that at all. Downloading this Apk from our site will not harm your privacy, and your privacy will be completely safe on your Android. A lot of people abuse people’s privacy through their games. So check the website from where you download the game to see if it is correct or not.

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Key Features

Free of cost
HD graphics and fantastic visuals
Easy interface
Ads free


Suppose you love to play adventure games, then free download extralife apk latest version from our site now. We have detailed all the best features of Extra Life in this article. You won’t know this game perfectly if you don’t read the above article. So read it entirely and get informed. To learn more about this game, you have to play it.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an excellent Android device because you can quickly run and play Extra Life games on any of your devices. I hope you will like this game a lot. The link is available below, so click on it quickly. Then download the Extra Life Apk awesome game with premium features and share it with friends. If you have any problem with this game, share it with us in the comment box.


Q. How to install the Extra Life Apk on Android?

The installation process is straightforward. Open your Android and run the internet. No game is downloaded without the internet, so the internet is necessary. Download the Extra Life Apk from this page for free. Could you wait for it to download? After that, click on install. After installation, run the game on your own and enjoy playing.

Q. How to update Extra Life Apk?

Delete the old version, download the new version of Extra Life Apk, and update it.

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