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Dragon Village Mod Apk v13.64 (Unlimited Gems, Food & Coins)

In ancient times, the earth was full of dragons, but our useless activities have extinct the dragons from the world. So now we are not capable of entertaining ourselves with dragons. But with the dragon village mod apk game, we can again live with dragons, as all kinds of dragons are present here. So download this game and create a beautiful village for dragons. You should always ensure proper food for a little dragon to rise his size. If you do so, then your dragon will be able to defeat other dragons and will finish the game missions marvelously.

NameDragon Village Mod Apk
Size123 MB
Updated4 Days Ago
Average Rating4.7
Rating Count96545
Mod FeaturesGems, Food, & Coins

How Can I Play Dragon Village Mod Apk?

Dragon village apk is a simulation game where lots of dragons are present for us. Our mission is to live and play with these dragons, which we want to perform for a big duration. At first, you will get only one dragon egg, and how you take care of it will be on you. I recommend taking this egg in a suitable environment where harmful ultraviolet radiation will not appear. With this, the egg will be safe from risks, and the dragon will come out of the egg. After it, you should provide all the basic foods to this little dragon so that its development will not take any time.

Build A Beautiful Village

In addition, the dragon village old version mod apk offers many customization options to construct a village but latest version has more than it. Some players delay in constructing the village, but you should be fast in case of village construction because it may always ensure further dragons for anyone. So move your hand to purchase beautiful houses and dragons for a peaceful environment. Remember that the dragons in this game could be more skillful, but you must train them effectively as the perfect player. While in last, pick these powerful dragons to destroy other evil dragons.

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Unique Features:

Build A Beautiful Village

In dragon village city sim mania mod apk, building a village is the main job of every player. We know that the construction of anything is mainly time-consuming, but in this game, home construction is quick. So be fast to obtain various lands and begin the construction process. Besides that, you should grow beautiful plants, flowers, trees, crops, etc. In the beginning, only limited places will be in your custody, but the expanding options can also ensure other premium buildings for you.

make a powerful team

Variety Of Dragons

Dragon village mod apk unlocked everything game has a variety of dragons to provide ease and comfort to users. Some dragons are friendly and live peaceful lives, while a few are violent and want to cut everything. Violent dragons will be perfect for you because our mission is to cut other dragons. Note that all these dragons are not present in the same location, so for them, you will have to visit forests, islands, dungeons, deserts, and many more places.

Variety Of Dragons

Train Your Dragons

Along with village construction, the dragon village mod apk also wants to connect us with dragons. First, the system ensures just one dragon for us, but we can get further dragons from the game by playing more. If your dragon has come out of the egg, then it’s time to train him; otherwise, he will not do his basic jobs and will get afraid of everything. After training, your dragon will be more skillful and powerful than ever and will try to destroy other dragons.

Get Rare Species Of Dragons

Get Rare Species Of Dragons

The official version of this game lacks rare dragons, but the dragon village mod apk unlimited gems have many rare species of dragons, and we can get them whenever we want. But we will have to go with the crossbreed option and buy a desired dragon egg from the shop menu and protect it from all angles. After it, we have to take two dragons in a relationship and start their crossbreeding. Surely in a little time, the baby dragon of our favorite features will be in our front.

fight with enemy

Mod Features

Unlimited Resources

In this modded version, we can control the game activities from A to Z as dragon village unlimited resources are present. So now we can provide different kinds of food to our dragons. Besides that, we can also purchase other dragon species and form habitats for them. In my opinion, these limitless resources will also help you to build a unique and beautiful village as they never end in this game. In this way, you should visit the shop menu to purchase eggs of suitable traits.


Q: Is Dragon Village easy for children?

Dragon Village has simple controls, which is why it is easy for children.

Q: Is there a variety of dragons in Dragon Village?

Dragon Village has a variety of dragons, and all these dragons come with unique traits.

Q: Does the mod version of Dragon Village contain ads?

No, the mod version of Dragon Village never includes ads.

Q: Is the Dragon Village Mod Apk heavy?

Dragon Village Mod Apk includes 95MB, so it is not heavy.


Dragon village mod apk unlimited money and gems version is 100% peaceful, where a player will have to spend his precious time with dragons. So make sure to construct a beautiful village to give a happy life to dragons. The official version only gets one dragon egg from the community. But this modded game not only ensures the several eggs but also eases us in the case of village construction. This way, I only prefer the cheats present here and then get further dragons, missions, unlimited money, and unlimited resources. you can download its original version on Dragon Village playstore page.

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