Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon City Mod Apk v22.10.4 (Unlimited Money)

Dragon city mod apk is one of the most popular games in the world. In the beginning, you are given a baby dragon. Your first task is to take care of and feed the baby dragon. Eggs are hatched, and dragons are born. After some days, the baby dragon starts to grow. Then he transformed into an adult dragon. You had to build cities, islands, and buildings for your fighter dragons against powerful dragon city apk masters. Then they will turn into a big army and defend you from your opponents.

It is an online simultaneous multiplayer game. Build your dragon army against your opponent players. Social point technologies launched this game on 3 July 2013. The old hack dragon city 22.3 3 versions were updated to 22.7.3 on 31 Aug 2022. One hundred million downloads and a 4.7 rating of this game make it superior to other games. The size of this game is nearly 155 MB. Now it is a famous game around the world. Download the latest mod version from here and play it like a pro.

Name Dragon City Mod Apk
Size140 MB
Updated6 Days Ago
Average Rating4.1
Rating Count92662
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money

Overview of dragon city mod apk

Dragon city mod apk is a simulation game. You had to build islands and buildings to train your dragons. Performing work on islands is more enjoyable than the other lands. First of all, you have one dragon only. Then these dragon breeds, and new baby dragons are born. Their growth increases day by day. Baby dragons are changed into adults. You need to raise your dragon army ASAP! So that you become a mighty dragon master. Defeat other dragon masters with your dragon army.

dragon city mod apk unlimited money and gems

Dragon city hack apk helps you defend yourself against your opponents. Fastly build your area and feed more of your dragons than the other players. So that you become better than the other players. New dragons of fire and nature come to the game every week in recent events with new updates. Also, decorate your powerful dragons with lovely skins. Collect orbs for the power of dragons. Observe their skills in the Tree Of Life after gathering them from the magical world.

Features of dragon city mod apk

Easy control system

This game is easy to play, and even children can play it without problems. Control buttons are smooth to touch. But if you are a newbie gamer and feel difficulty playing the dragon city mod apk. There is no worry at all, as there is a plugin control system that makes this game more accessible than before. Now you should feel no more difficulty while playing the game. You become a super dragon master with time and experience.

dragon city mod apk unlimited money and gems 2022

Smooth Graphics

This game is so smooth, and the graphics are so shiny. Islands, dragons, and their skins are also beautiful. Fantastic 3D graphics feel like actual gameplay. This game also runs smoothly on a standard device because of its high-quality pictures. Lag is almost removed from the competition by updates. Islands give you the feeling of a beautiful place where your dragons are growing and feeding up. The battle with your opponents also runs smoothly.

Find New Friends

This is an online game, and many people play this game from different parts of the world. You can also face different users in the game. After friendship, you can send messages and chat with each other. Make plans with your friends to win fights against your opponents and spread your islands. Send beautiful gifts or dragons to your friends with unlimited money and gems with the dragon city mod apk.

Mod Features

Unlimited Gems

Gems are essential in this game for buying some dragons and some other things from the shop. Other players fight many battles for treasures. Thus they spend most of their time, and as a result, they will get only a few gems as a reward. But in the dragon city hack android apk version, you can save valuable time for getting these gems as they are provided to you free of cost after downloading the game from our given link.

dragon city mod apk unlimited everything

Unlimited Gold

Gold is also necessary for the game. It would help if you had gold for purchasing different sea and terra habitats. Different powerful Dragos could also buy from gold. In the original version, you do not have enough gold to buy everything you want. But we are providing our user’s dragon city mod apk unlimited everything so that you can quickly become a good player with various powerful dragons.

One Hit Feature

On hit feature of the game is basically considered as a very powerful feature of this version because due to this you can drag down your enemy just with one hit and that one hit will lead you towards teh victory in a very small time.


The primary purpose of the dragon city mod apk is to feed your little dragons properly. Many people waste their money on ‘in-game’ purchases. Suppose you don’t want to waste your money on these purchases; no worries, as you have a lot of everything after the dragon city apk mod download in the given link. Quickly buy fantastic dragons and their beautiful skins without spending extra money. Win battles against opponents and increase your area in a short time. We hope that you are informed about the game. If you still have some queries, comment below in the comment section. We will answer your questions happily.


Is it safe or not?

You can download the dragon city mod apk from the official website. This is safe to play, and your data is secure.

Can we participate in events?

Yes, you can participate in events and win exciting rewards. Different events take place in the game. They take place in months or weeks.

Are gems important in this game?

Yes, gems are essential for buying skins, habitats, dragons, and many other things from shops. Here, gems are free for you.

Is it necessary to feed dragons?

Yes, it is essential to feed them. Dragons need food for their living. They eat different foods in the game. They become strong after eating their meal. If food is not given to them, they become weak and do not perform better in battles. So, food is necessary for their power.

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