Dark Sword Mod Apk

Dark Sword Mod Apk (Unlimited money) v2.3.5

If you are free from work and looking for an activity, you must try the dark sword. It will take you to a dark world and have a fun adventure. It is a dark city of shadows. A dark knight will be provided for you. The game is full of fun soldiers and black shadow enemies.

It is an RPG game where you fight against the evil shadows that have taken the light from the world. Its original version was offered by Nanoo company inc and released on march 6, 2016. Dark sword mod apk is a hacked version with so many cheats and has many fans because of its brilliant story and graphics of shadows

NameDark Sword Mod APK
Size78 MB
Updated4 Days Ago
Average Rating4.4
Rating Count27542
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money

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Overview Of Dark Sword Mod Apk

At the beginning of this eternal night, the evil dark dragons sealed the gate of the sun, and all light of this world vanished. All living creations became sad and dark-shadowed. Everlasting pain and disappointment spread everywhere. Welcome to the realm of this darkness. You will be a nameless one here. You must upgrade skills and equipment to overcome the everlasting agony that awaits you.

There will be blessings of darkness and good fortune of death be with you. You can get free equipment and items for good skills from the dark sword mod apk. You can communicate with other friends and share tips from a forum. There will be a need to earn powerful skills and strategically utilize HP recovery potions. Start your journey with a powerful attack.

Go forward and kill all evil shadows. You are alone in the forgotten forest to save the helpless dark world. As you kill many dark sworders, your character stars will be upgraded. There will be many skills character as strength, agility, intelligence, vitality, luck, dodge, and gold acquired.
Important Features Of Dark Sword Mod Apk

save the world from darkness

Enjoy Unlimited Money

There are many options in the game to make your powerful sword. Some players are not skilled enough to master all the abilities and collect a lot of money in the game to become the super master. To do this, our developer has made this version of the dark sword mod apk unlimited stones so that you can get unlimited money in the game and you will be able to light up this dark world easily.

In this dark world, where you have come out with a powerful dark sword, there will also be shadowing evils with strength and skilled powers. To fight these evil shadows, you must make the sword the strongest. You have to become more expert in painful creations. Dark sword mod apk contains unlimited money to get all skills unlocked.

PvP network battle mode

Get Unlimited Souls And Gems

Due to the dark sword mod apk (unlimited souls and gems), you will get eternal souls that help you to move forward. These souls will allow you to control your enemy and make more combos. In addition, there are unlimited gems that help to advance the level of the game. Enjoy these souls and gems for your dark knight.

be strong, dark warrior

Reach On Max level

Download our version of the dark sword mod apk max level quickly to reach the max level of this game easily. Now you will easily reach the last level. Ready to be an expert in defeating big-level shadow enemies? After getting maximum power, you will defeat the giant dragon, bring back the sunlight, and light up this dark forest.

dark fantasy world

Time To Enjoy Free shopping

All options in the game can be purchased for free. Buy as many items as you can and become more powerful. The good thing is that all this shopping will be completely free and you won’t need to spend any stones or money. You must install this hacked version of the dark sword mod apk free shopping.

side scrolling hack and slash rpg

No Time Limitations

Fortunately, the dark sword mod apk provides unlimited time with no time limit for a stage. Spend as much time as you want to kill the evil enemies. There will be no effect on the performance of your skills. There will be not any time limit.

In the original version of the dark sword, there will be extended time with a soul upon a time out. You will be given a fixed time to show the perfection of your blade. Clear your stage within this period. You will get more position and stamina stars if you clear the level in less time and before time.

Stage Informations

There will be stage information for you to make your journey easier. It will show your potions (EXP), time limit, HP, stamina, etc. forest of lost light will have no more. There will be the blood of rotting flesh and stench. Every next level will give you a helping tip, e.g., be rewarded with stones and equipment by beating bosses. These stones will prove very helpful.

Important FAQs About Dark Sword Mod Apk

Is dark sword mod apk provides unlimited gems and stones?

Surely, this version is here for you to get unlimited everything in the game without restriction. All the items, like gems and stones, are free for you

How can I reach max level in the dark sword apk?

You have to clear all stages with powerful skills and equipment. Use your armor to defeat the dark shadows and kill all bosses of the dragons. This is the only way to reach max level in the dark sword.

What is the latest version of the dark sword?

Its latest version is 2.3.6, updated on 2020-03-19. It can be played on android smartphones.

Final Lines

I have played this dark sword many times. I felt that it is a game in which you become a crazy warrior. Your quest is to save the suffering humanity. First, I played the original version of the dark sword, but it was more difficult. Then I tried this hacked dark sword mod apk, and now I am this game’s master and only ruler. Every obstacle that comes my way must be crushed with bravery, and it becomes very easy. you can download its original version on dark sword playstore page

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