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Download Crush Crush Mod Apk v0.385 (Unlimited Money)

Love issues are common issues of today’s youth. No one is happy with their love due to unfair matters between crushes. If you want to enjoy complete love and date scenes, I have an exciting game; crush crush mod apk, which is full of beautiful & hot girls. The game will provide unlimited money to gift your crush and buy shoes, skins, and other materials. Here, you can also fulfill your desire to date your crush. Various jobs are present to earn more diamonds to make your store heavy with gems. Marvelous outlooks of hot girls will attract you to enjoy a lot.

NameCrush Crush Mod Apk
Size80 MB
Updated2 Days Ago
Average Rating4.8
Rating Count94645
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money

How To Play Crush Crush Mod Apk?

Crush crush apk is so easy due to the presence of this modded version. To start, you must sign in to the app to personalize your data and save it as a secret. After signing, unlimited crushes will appear before you. You will choose a crush of your own choice with an excellent outlook and the best for the date. After choosing the crush, you have to work day and night in the working zone to collect money and purchase the gift for your crush. You can also chat with your crush to pass your free time. Always get ready for the date because it depends upon the mode of your crush.

crush crush mod apk unlocked

Dressing up in the dressing room is so easy. It would help if you bought precious clothes, shoes, jackets, and other personality-builder items to attract your crush. If your skin is tight enough, you can lose a crush. Make your skin tight by buying skin tighters and lushing skin in the early morning. Chat with your crush when you want to enjoy her authentic chat. Work more and more on collecting gems for the date and gifts for the crush. If you have a big bank balance, it is easy to attract a crush for love and romance. Indeed, you will access your demanded crush after the completion of all missions.

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Superb Features:

Hot Crushes

Beautiful & hot crushes are given to you for love and romance in the crush crush mod apk. You can choose the crush of your choice to hot up yourself. Your crush has an all-time hot look to attract you to date her. If your gift attracts your crush, then you can also enjoy a romantic chat with your crush. All the crushes demand beautiful girls and your all-time fit look for romance. Make up for yourself with gems by working with the workers in the app. Every crush has a dashing outlook and is fit for romance.

crush crush mod apk latest version

Enjoy Chatting

If you want to enjoy hot talks with your crush other than the date, chatting is the best option in crush crush unlimited diamonds code apk. You can chat with your crush and enjoy hot talks at all times. A video call feature is also here by which you can video call your crush. If you want to be close to anyone, send romantic emojis to your favorite person. This will attract your crush, and she will be ready for the date. If you feel your crush is angry, capture her special attention by sending kiss emojis. All the chat is private, and only you and your crush can approach that chat.

download crush crush mod apk unlimited gems

Outclass Rooms

If you go on a date, there are outclass rooms for night love enjoyment and date seeing. All the rooms are well decorated and fragranced with hot perfumes. In front of all the rooms, there are helpers to help you in times of trouble. You can enjoy a whole night without fear and confusion. Depending upon their fair, different categories of rooms are present in crush crush moist apk. If you have an upper-class bank balance, you can easily afford to outclass room on your choice of crush.

crush crush mod apk free shopping

Branded Gifts

To gift crush, you must choose a gift available in the crush crush modded apk. All the gifts have different categories of prices based on their specific quality. You have to earn more and more to buy branded gifts for the crush. You will lose your crush if you have fewer gems in the gems stocks. To enjoy romance with a crush, you have to buy branded gifts like precious watches, flower stocks, and many more like these. Work more and more to earn a considerable number of gems. With more gems, you can buy branded gifts for your crush, which will make your crush kind-hearted for you.

crush crush unlimited diamonds mod

Mod Features:

Unlimited Diamonds

Today crush crush unlimited diamonds are available for lovers to buy gifts for their crushes. We know that skin clothes, shoes, jackets, skin tighters, etc., are essential items, so the game never restricts us from shopping for these things. But earning gems should be your main task in this situation. A good room is also in your approach because you have unlimited gems, and you have to work hard in the working sections to collect these diamonds. This will increase the chances of attracting a crush by giving her outclass gifts.


Crush crush mod apk is best for all singles to enjoy and chill their life with excellent relationships. Hot crushes are waiting for you to go on a date. Without delay, click on the link below, download this great app, and enjoy your hot crush. Try hard to get more diamonds, and ensure an excellent gift for your crush. You can also attract your crush by making yourself tight and fit for the date. In addition, many more chill scenes are available in the game for relaxation. You can ask in the comment box if you need more information about the game. you can download its original version on crush crush play store page.


Q: Is everything unlimited in the Crush Crush free diamonds apk?

Yes, everything is unlimited in this mod. There are unlimited diamonds and money to buy unlimited everything.

Q: Is Crush Crush how to unlock apk possible when there are no internet signals?

No, you cannot enjoy this app when you have no internet signal because all the main characters, like your crush, are only available in the online mode of the app.

Q: Is Crush crush Mod Apk safe to play on PC?

Yes, playing crush crush mod apk is safe on a PC, and you can enjoy all its features without confusion.

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