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Covet Fashion Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) v22.05.23

Nowadays, the trend of fashion design is increasing as 90% of people worldwide wish to be models. The rich people use their money and achieve success in their ambition, while the poor guys neither have the money, nor they reach their destination. This way, covet fashion mod apk may be happy for those people as it will prepare them for character customization. Many accessories, hairstyles, dresses, etc., ensure maximum beauty for our characters. Plus, we can design an avatar, enjoy dating, and achieve more premium items.

NameCovet Fashion Mod Apk
Size101 MB
Updated4 Days Ago
Average Rating4.6
Rating Count675886
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money

Storyline Of Covet Fashion Mod Apk?

Covet fashion mod apk 2022 has a perfect plot whose all rules are similar to our virtual life. Here, you will have to customize the character, which you can do through the game store. At first, you will receive a character from the system, and the face of this character will be wrong. But it would help if you made several changes to his face so that it will be a bit more handsome. The game supports different hairstyles, dresses, and accessories in its limited platform. So let us go on dates with your friends and anonymous girls to enjoy the natural beauty.

Besides that, many fashion shows are also occurring in the game where all players of the world participate. Before joining these fashion shows, your character should look like a model; otherwise, you will lose these shows in the beginning stages. A fashion show is superb as it informs you how you can make your character more beautiful than ever. If you effectively win a fashion show, the system will add lots of incentives and rewards to your account and give you the post of judge by which you can overview the skills of others.

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Stunning Features

Customize Your Avatar

The main aim of covet fashion apk is avatar customization, and every player prefers it from the beginning till the end. Many dresses, hairstyles, makeup kits, and accessories are also there by which you can ensure demanded beauty for your model. If your character has a bad look, then make sure to change their style so that they will be the owner of unique features. Thus the products presented here are matchless, ensuring a stunning look and easy victory for you.

unique features

Active Fashion Shows

Fashion shows introduce marvellous cosmetics and give us immediate beauty in return for little money. Indeed, you know them as the branded people of the world. Join them without delay. So this is why the game supports various active fashion shows where not only our Facebook friends are present, but everyone around the globe is displaying his beauty. In this way, your model should perform well to increase your rank speedily.

complete events and boost the score

Lots Of Challenges

Covet fashion mod apk free shopping has lots of challenges, and the setup of every challenge is enjoyable. In the beginning, you will obtain $5,000, which will be your companion till the end. Both challenges: simple and complex, are present, while the rewards of complicated challenges are more than simple ones. By finishing these challenges, you can ensure various gifts and dresses from the system, so you should engage in complex challenges for higher rewards.

Covet fashion mod apk free shopping

Boost Your Score

In covet fashion mod apk, many events are present by which you can boost your score, but you should be good with the nearby people because your scores also depend on their decisions. Unlike other modded games, increasing the score is not tricky, as anyone can raise it with two methods. First, use all materials from the current season to speed up your rank, and then pick the borrowed items for extra bonuses. This way, unworn goods may also enhance your score in seconds.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money

Covet fashion mod apk unlimited money ensures excellent tools and assists us in the case of game setup. When I experience this unlimited money on premium outfits, then my character looks superb. So with this money, you should move towards the shop menu to obtain everything. Let us unlock new sorts of furniture and decor that is every designer’s dream. Besides back, you can also achieve new faces and hairstyles with this feature free of cost.

unlock new sorts of furniture

Key Features:

  • The game offers a Stylish Life to its users.
  • Put all of your dresses into your Digital Closet.
  • You can do Unlimited Shopping with a single click.
  • All the materials presented here come in 150 brands.
  • Indeed, the graphics will introduce a 2D art style to you.
  • Make use of 1000+ Clothing Accessories to achieve a glamorous look.
  • Focus on your ambition, as the system blocks all sorts of Ads and issues.
  • Analyze the models of your friends through the Online Multiplayer Mode.
  • Get covet fashion unlimited cash and diamonds mod apk free of cost.


Q: Can I play covet fashion on my computer?

You can only play covet fashion on your computer using the branded MEmu 7.

Q: Is the mod version of covet fashion apk safe?

Yes, the mod version of covet fashion apk is safe and is compatible with Android and IOS devices.

Q: How do you cheat money on covet fashion?

If you want to cheat money on covet fashion, download the mod version of covet fashion apk.

Q: How to unlock everything on covet fashion mod apk?

Yes, unlocking everything on covet fashion mod apk is simple, and you need to touch those materials.


Covet fashion mod apk introduces a fashion world with its users where they will perform character customization. Various hairstyles and dresses are helpful to you so that the features of your character will be similar to the popular models. At the same time, fashion houses may provide an authentic outlook to your models. The game also supports fashion shows by which you can participate in top-notch tournaments and ensure premium techniques for yourself. Thus, only use unlimited money to get and manage everything present in this modded game. you can download its original version on Covet Fashion playstore page

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