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Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk 2023 (Unlimited Money/Coins) v1.33.2

We play games to get some relief after a tiring day. Games are prevalent in today’s era. One of the fantastic games is clumsy ninja mod apk, which is a very awesome game. This game is similar to the talking tom game. In this game, a cute ninja boy is trained like a cat to talk to tom.

This game has gained a lot of popularity, and many youngsters like to play the game. It is equally popular among the youth and children. It has earned many stars on the play store app. Its fantastic animation has made a lot of fame.

Name Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk
Size158 MB
Updated8 Days Ago
Average Rating4.3
Rating Count63245
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems/Coins/Money

The Storyline Of Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk

The way to play this game is exciting. All you have to do is to raise a cute little boy doing a lot of missions. As you do assignments, the ninja boy will grow up. These missions consist of many things increasing the interest in the game. You are responsible for taking care of the ninja boy and raising him to become a master. It is hard to distinguish whether this is a train or torture game.

become a ninja master

The controls of the clumsy ninja mod apk are straightforward. You can throw it in the air, move it in all sorts of ways with the left, right, up, and down controls, and even hit the ninja boy for fun. Here are 70 items you can interact with the boy. Some of them are puppets, a watermelon, a chicken, sandbags, or some trampolines. After completing a training part lesson, you will get rewards like coins and points to reach the level.

At the end of the mission, your ninja boy will jump in the air and give a high five, and after this, he will be happy, which you can see. The ninja boy has a cute face, big eyes, and a big head. It grows up every day with completing missions. You may also try ninja arashi mod apk.

Essential Features Of The Game

Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk Unlimited Gems And Coins

People who played this game often complained while very interesting, and it had many limitations like limited coins and gems. Now they don’t have to worry anymore because our developers are giving you a free version of the clumsy ninja game for free in which you will get unlimited gems, coins and unlocked all worthy items.

Unlimited everything

To download the clumsy ninja mod apk, you can enjoy all items for free and get access to everything in the game without spending any money or gems. All the things will be unlocked and enhance the game’s charm and interest.

try special ninja moves

Free shopping

Free clumsy ninja apk provides free shopping. Now you no longer need to have any money, and you can shop whenever and whatever you want from the game’s shop menu.

No ads

Free clumsy ninja apk has the benefit that there are no ads while playing this game. Usually, games have ads to advertise their other channels, which causes a disturbance in players. They do not like these ads during the game. Here is the ads-free version of the game. Players can not ignore this opportunity.

Back to progress

Many players have complained that their previous progress is lost when they close the game, and they have to start from a new beginning, causing the last records to end all over again. In ninja mod Skyrim, their complaint has also been addressed as it has added the features that will start the game from where you left off without affecting your previous progress.

train you ninja

3d graphics

Clumsy ninja mod apk all unlocked and has 3d graphics in it. These graphics attract several players to play this game and enjoy them. In addition, its controls will also be turned into the more smooth way, and the game will become more attractive and unique for clumsy ninjas.

Collect Gold coins

You will get gold coins daily by completing daily missions of the clumsy ninja mod apk. Moreover, you can travel to different places and gain new learning skills, and it will also provide you with gold coins. With these gold coins, your animated ninja master boy can refine further, and the ninja will level up by changing its belt. The last belt you receive is the master rank.

Important FAQs

How does clumsy ninja end?

In the end, clumsy divert an attack from Hori-Bull and catches the Dragon Medallion in the air. Then ultimately, by leveling up, he earns his master suit and becomes the Dragon Medallion keeper.

Is clumsy ninja free?

Yes, the clumsy ninja game is free to play, but unfortunately, sometimes it costs real money to purchase some items.

How do you earn coins in clumsy ninja?

1 Train your character and use the best items…
2 Level up your progress…
3 collect your daily bonus…
4 Play wisely…
5 Spend a bit of real money and purchase some items.

What should I do with the watermelon in the clumsy ninja mod apk?

Ninja boy can make special moves with it. It can be swiped or on top. It is the first unlocked ball of the clumsy ninja mod apk. And It is unlocked on level 7 with 120 coins. It provides 600XP and 40 currencies.

Can you play clumsy ninja on pc?

The great thing about the free clumsy ninja apk is that you can play it on a pc. It has very fun to play!

Final lines

To sum up, this is a good game. I have been entertained for a long time by this game. It always had fun playing and gives satisfaction. Enjoy this game in a new way whenever you want to play it. So come and install the clumsy ninja mod apk to meet new experiences of fun. This version has many features that can not be found in any other version.

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