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The CHUCHEL apk is a funny game that will make you happy. It is an adventure game in which the main character is Chuchel, and he has to find a cherry. Since this is an adventure game, you will face many difficulties. Developers very beautifully design this game. CHUCHEL games will save you from boredom. Here you have to face a lot of challenges. There will be a fight. During this trip, you will see a lot of amazing scenes, and there will be many characters that will make you laugh. Everyone will act more ridiculous than each other.

You will laugh a lot while playing this game. The CHUCHEL apk OBB game developer, Amanita Design, has developed it with a lot of effort. All the situations you will face here are hilarious. This game is not too difficult; anyone can easily play it on their smartphone. The Chuchel Apk game is gaining more popularity day by day. The characters here are like animals but very funny. You have to find the cherry and face difficulties along the way. There are also puzzles to solve. Here’s a Scarecrow you have to contend with. The trouble is that there’s also a Kekel with Scarecrow, his rival. It is a positive game that is full of positive best features.

NameChuchel APK
Size56 MB
Updated8 Days Ago
Mod FeaturesOriginal Apk No Mod
Average Rating4.4
Rating Count4356

Gameplay Of Chuchel Apk

We provide you with the latest version of CHUCHEL for free. This gameplay has about 30 levels. Here you have to redeem the cherry through Chuchel. The first levels will not be challenging, but the following groups will become problematic. The gameplay also has mini-games that add more fun. You can also play these mini-games offline. You have a Kekel to help you redeem the cherry. The Graphics of this game are like cartoons that perform hilarious actions. The Chuchel game is perfect for those who love adventure. This famous game has added another addition to the world of adventure games.

chuchel apk latest version

If you are anxious and surrounded by anxiety and feel anxious, you need to play this fantastic game to relax your mind. His sound is unique. The voices of all the characters will make you laugh. Solve the puzzles of this gameplay wisely. It is impossible to reach the next here until you complete one stage. The controls of Chuchel Apk are straightforward. You can easily play this game by touch on your Android. All its best features are given below, read them and get information.

Premium Features

Finding The Cherry

In the CHUCHEL free game, there is a Chuchel under your control. Chuchel has to find Cherry, who has been kidnapped early in the morning. Chuchel will find friends and enemies in his search for cherry, and Chuchels pet Kekel is with Chuchel, who either helps him or harms him. This is the journey adventure in this game. Here Chuchel has to struggle. An evil giant who stole the cherry is dangerous and has swallowed the cherry. Now to extract the cherry, Chuchel himself goes into the belly of the giant and takes the cherry out of there, but thus the giant gets angry. Cherry and Kekel climb on the giant’s head to calm the giant’s anger. Hence the giant is pleased and lets them go. Finally, Chuchel finds the cherry and eats it.

chuchel apk unlocked all

Amazing Missions

All the missions of churches apk full are different from each other and filled with amazement. The first missions are straightforward, but following assignments inside the game are challenging. In these missions, you have to solve puzzles. Thus playing this game shows your intelligence for how long you complete it. Each level has different puzzles to solve. This way, the game looks even more enjoyable. The puzzles are accessible in the beginning levels, but as you progress to the following groups, the puzzles get more challenging. This feature is further enhancing the interest in the game.

Free Of Cost

We provide you with the CHUCHEL apk latest version free on our site. If you want to play a Chuchel game for free on your device, you can make it possible by downloading it from our website. There will be many websites where you will not be able to download this game for free, but there is no need to worry because this game is available for you for free on our site. This game will make you laugh if you are sad as soon as you play it. If you don’t have money and want to play it, you can play it because it’s free.

chuchel apk free

Ads Free

The Chuchel Apk is entirely ad-free. There are many games where ads come in, but this game is ad-free, and you won’t have any problem. The advent of ads in games is very irritating. Coming aid in the game is pretty dull, and all the game’s fun is spoiled. When ads come, all the players’ attention is diverted from the game, due to which the players do not like or download such games. The absence of aids in the contest attracts the players.


We have described all the features and functions of the game in the above article. If you have read this article completely, you must have known all the information; otherwise, without reading, you will miss all the information. We provide a perfect Chuchel Apk game with exciting features, so download it quickly and don’t miss it. Click on our page link below, open it and enjoy. I hope you didn’t have trouble getting to know about this game. If you still have any queries, discuss them with us in the comment section.


Q. Can the Chuchel Apk game be played by people of all ages?

Yes, everyone can play this game as it is funny, easy, and heartwarming.

Q. Can the Chuchel Apk be played on every device?

Yes, you can play the latest version of Chuchel Apk on every device.

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