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Casting Agent Mod Apk v51 (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

Get ready for a fantastic dating sim and a role-playing game where you can meet some hotties and cast them in your steamy videos. It is a role-playing game where you can meet the most beautiful girls in town. Get them to work with you in HD video. This game is top-rated among the youth due to its beautiful casting and great characters. One of the main reasons for this is that you get to cast an agent.

Casting agent mod apk is the most popular hacked version created for getting all the tricks in this game. Here you have to groom up models, recruit and cast them in perfect roles. The latest original version, 0.1, has been offered by alpha potato LLC. It required OS Android 4.4 and up. It was updated on 12 Nov 2020, and since then, many downloads have come out of this game.

NameCasting Agent Mod Apk
Size12 MB
Updated3 Days Ago
Average Rating4.6
Rating Count8653
Mod FeaturesUnlimited money

The Gameplay Of Casting Agent Mod Apk

Here you have to Unlock all buildings in the game. You can find your future star among the different beautiful girls in these buildings. There are a few objectives that you have to complete to get these girls ready to cast a film with you in the actual game. These may be lovely chats, charms, etc. it should be an excellent start, but you have to be much more charming if you want them to strip for you. It may require money or diamonds.

Remember, if you lie to a girl, you may get trapped. The girl may stop trusting you. Doing so can have a significant impact on your earnings. You have to balance truth and falsehood to reach the top.

There are also others ways to charm them. You can give them some messages, or you can give them a gift. It can charm them even more. Your right-chosen step can make you successful. Then your girls seem willing to work with you. We have the last objective before starting the shooting; girls often need a little warm-up. Casting agent mod apk has all these required diamonds and dollars for you without any cost.

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Important Features Of Casting Agent Mod Apk

Get Unlimited Money

As the casting agent, you must use diamonds and money to speed things up. With the help of these diamonds and coins, our characters get ready for casting quickly. If you want unlimited money and diamonds in casting agent, you must try our version of casting agent mod apk unlimited money. You can have great fun with these girls with this unlimited money.

get unlimited money

Unlimited Broadcasters

You will be given a map of all the broadcasters in this game. You can work with only a few in the original version, but this differs from our version of the casting agent mod apk. Here you get to do board casting with all. Now you can turn on the broadcaster. Publish your videos to grow up your reputation. Here you can earn more coins by recording more videos.

unlimited broadcasters

Talk To Additional Girls

Once you unlock a building with your charm, the entrance will also open. In addition, you can contact an additional girl for free in these buildings. Here you can talk to different hot ladies in the same building. You have to impress them according to their choice. After impressing them, you can cast their video. It can prove very good for your future earnings. These HD videos can earn more and more.

talk to additional girls

Fun At All Unlocked Buildings

Now Casting agent mod apk download for android has provided all cool buildings of fame for you for free. Some buildings will not be available in the original version for a fixed time. You have to wait a while to talk to the girls in some buildings. It requires reaching a max level of fame to unlock them. Now you don’t have to wait for these buildings in this mod version.

fun at all unlocked buildings

Green & Red Pills

There are green pills that are used to speed up time in the game. You will receive green pills after you shoot 10 videos with one girl. It can also be received when you finish interacting with all girls in a building. Red pills also speed up time. To get red pills, you have to use diamonds. Now, the casting agent mod apk is giving you more diamonds and uses them so you can get these pills.

green and red pills

Employees And Areas

Here you have to produce some more content. The only thing you need is to increase your earnings. You will need more employees to expand your work further. Speeding up time with pills will also speed up learning skills. There are also some areas in the city, each with its charm. When we have more videos, you should choose a good area and take your next step wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the size of the casting agent apk?

The download size of this game is 59.54 MB for Android users.

Can I play the casting agent mod apk on PC for free?

Yes, now the cheated codes and this hacked version of the casting agent mod apk free have been available on your PC for free. You can play this casting and dating game on any device.

Is this version safe or virus free?

It is safe for its downloaders. You can play it without any problem and any hindrance from viruses. All the data on your device will be safe, and it is an anti-virus version.

Final says( conclusion)

I love this game because I can cast all videos of my choice. The lovely girls of the game make us addicted to it. Once we start playing it, we keep playing it for more fame and to make more earnings. The casting agent mod apk is even more brilliant than the original version because we can get all money here without any distractions. It keeps our fun going. you can download casting agent on playstore page.

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