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Bulma Adventure 3 Apk v3 Download For Android

Bulma adventure 3 apk is a thrilling game that not only offers us to make new friends but also informs us how to manage enemy attacks. Various characters like Bulma, Goku, Vegeta, etc., are present here. Your character is Bulma, a qualified girl, while Goku and Vegeta are boys and are your friends. In this game, you should fly in the sky and explore new places to access your well-wishers and enemies. Be attentive to overcome the sudden attacks of rivals; otherwise, the loss may be your fate.

NameBulma Adventure 3 Apk
Size85 MB
Updated4 Days Ago
Average Rating4.8
Rating Count76476
Mod FeaturesUnlimited money

Storyline Of Bulma Adventure 3 Apk:

Bulma adventure apk includes many action scenes, and everything like magic, love, and war happens here. Your game begins with a girl whose name is Bulma. First, you will be alone in the game, which may be annoying for anyone. But with time, the system will give you two friends like Goku and Vegeta. Both these characters will not leave you alone as they are partners in your sorrow and joy. While their face and outfit are not suitable, you should prefer customization. This way, your team will be beautiful and strong in front of other characters.

Besides that, Bulma adventure apk v1.0 has various episodes and missions to ensure adventures in our game. The tasks of these missions are simple and complex, but every player has to finish on time so that he will be able to participate in other levels. Remember that the game controls are pretty simple, allowing us to take our character where we want. So remember to cross obstacles and protect yourself from enemies’ damage. Also, she escaped Bulma from her home. Otherwise, her strict father would capture her and punish her for this act.

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Peerless Features:

Unique Scenes

Bulma adventure free download for android apk, has several unique scenes to provide users with a strange and incredible journey. On lower stages, mainly the scenes are of low quality. But when we access higher stages, then the quality of the scenes also improves. First, you will have to obtain the butterfly costume for the Bulma, and you can perform it by cutting the front of the bush. After this, your next task will be to get the second costume which is present under the old tree.

unique scenes

Collect Coins & Gems

In the Bulma adventure apk v3 latest, many vehicles, characters, and other items are available. All these things are premium, and you will have to collect coins and gems to unlock them; otherwise, you can never access them. In the beginning, you will get little coins and gems, but if you make your position higher, you will be able to get unlimited coins and gems. You can also put many premium things into your inventory and fly and swim whenever you want.

collect coin and gems

Defeat Your Rivals

Defeating rivals is more challenging than it looks, but if someone tries again and again, he may be successful. In the latest Bulma adventure apk, our primary character is Bulma, who lives with Goku and Vegeta. While her main aim is to defeat her rivals, she will have to struggle hard. That’s why the magical sword and shield are present by which she can not only damage her opponents but also protect herself from their dangerous attacks. So with these types of equipment, your goal will be completed quickly.

defeat your rivals

What’s New Here:

New Characters Added

At first, this game contained limited characters, but due to its latest update, many new characters, like Bulma, Goku, Vegeta, etc., are available here. Because of her unique dresses and facial features, our character is Bulma, the queen of everyone’s hearts. But some evil people want to kill her, so we have to protect Bulma in all possible ways. Let us ensure powerful food, milk, vitamins, and other essential things to raise her weight and powers in front of her opponents.

new characters added

New Maps Added

Along with characters, the developer has also added many new maps in the Bulma adventure 3 apk. With these maps, we can now visit different places to give rest to our minds. There are many treasures, and all of them have been hidden in specific places. It means we always will have to move with Bulma to get these treasures and rewards. Besides that, the game permits us to design homes and live with animals for more rewards.

new maps added


Q: Is Bulma Adventure 3 a free game?

Yes, Bulma Adventure 3 is free to download and play.

Q: Can I play this game on an Android emulator?

Yes, indeed, you can also play this game on an Android emulator.

Q: Will there be a mod version available for Bulma Adventure 3?

Yes, the mod version of Bulma Adventure 3 is available on this page.

Q: Will data from the Beta version be lost when the global version is released?

The release of the global version retains the data of the Beta version.

Q: Which are the supported platforms of Bulma Adventure 3 apk?

Final Verdicts

Bulma adventure 3 apk is an adventure game that allows you to control a girl’s character: Bulma. Your main attempt should be to explore the seven dragon balls so that Goku will succeed in his mission. Moreover, Vegeta is your friend and will be with you throughout the game. Are you ready to dodge obstacles? If yes! Then take both of your friends on your journey. Remember that Bulma’s father is rigorous and does not allow her to escape the house. You will have to smoothly grip the game controls to remove Bulma from her father’s prison. you download anime movies on playstore page.

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