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Best Whatsapp Trackers For Android In 2023

Today we will give you information about the best whatsapp trackers, which are discussed below. WhatsApp is an app that allows people anywhere in the world to connect. WhatsApp trackers are used to tracking content within WhatsApp. You can download all these tracker apps on your smartphone. Some tracker apps are not downloaded on the phone and are downloaded on the target device. Some trackers will let you know where the other person in contact with you on WhatsApp is. This is how WhatsApp location is tracked if you want to keep or track the WhatsApp information of your children or anyone, so it is possible with given trackers. Also, check the best adblockers for blocking unnecessary ads on browsers and apps.

AirDroid Whatsapp Tracker

You can use this app for free. Record your WhatsApp call with this tracker; you can listen to it later. You can monitor your kids with this app wherever you are. Monitor when your kids are using WhatsApp and for how long. See when your kids are on and off WhatsApp. Apart from this, the rest of the tracking features are listed below.

Airdroid is the best WhatsApp tracker. The reasons for this are below:

Track the real-time location
It helps in tracking the real-time location. It also tracks GPS.

Remote Camera
You can access the target device’s camera through the remote camera feature. This way, you can enjoy taking photos and videos with the target device wherever you are.

Monitoring Other Social Apps
Not only WhatsApp, but you can monitor many other apps like Instagram, Twitter, etc. Monitor many other apps with this one app.

Simple To Use
It is simple to use, and its functions are much more accessible than other tracker apps.

Other Famous WhatsApp Tracker Apps

Top Whatsapp Trackers


With the ChatWatch app, you can know WhatsApp information, like when the last seen of WhatsApp was checked and when another person went online and learned about what your favorite person is hiding from you. You can find out how many times the other person has opened Whatsapp. With this app, you can know the privacy of two people, what they are talking about with each other and when they are talking. You can use this app only on your Android, which is straightforward. Enter the number of the person you want to spy on this app. You can track two or more numbers which is only possible through ChatWatch.


My favorite tracker out of all the trackers is mSpy. It is straightforward to use. This tracker has all the features that other apps don’t have. This app can be used on all types of phones. If you want to know someone’s Whatsapp information, download this mSpy tracker because mSpy will help you. Root access is required if you want more information. Without root, you can only find message duration and timestamp. I hope this tracker will benefit you a lot. You can use this app secretly, which no one will know. Here you will not have any difficulty and can easily install it on any device.


This is another advanced tracker app. This app lets you see who your favorite person is talking to, what messages are being sent to him, and which messages he is receiving. This way, you can keep track of any person. If you are using it for the first time, you will know how easy this uMobix is to operate. It is also straightforward to use. So don’t worry in advance, it is not difficult. Enter the number of people whose WhatsApp information you want to know while running this app. As soon as you enter the number, all his Whatsapp information will be sorted below. The uMobix somehow communicates all the information to you in a confidential manner.


If you want to know what your spouse, employee, or anyone else is doing on their phone, then the fantastic FlexiSPY app is here. Anyone you want to spy on can do it without hesitation through this app because these people will have no idea if someone is spying on them. This way, you will know that your employees or children are not doing anything wrong on their phones. This app is entirely safe. You will not face any problems by using it. No one but you will know that something suspicious is going on. You can use the premium version of FlexiSPY for free for a whole day. It has many unique features. There is no need to worry here because it is the best tracker app.


Knowing about the person you know is the best way to make any relationship successful. This is how you know how honest your loved one is and how sincere he is with you. You may find out if someone is keeping a secret or telling you. This way, you can build or destroy your confidence in this relationship. Apps that can improve home affairs and prevent fights are essential for raising your children well. This way, you can overcome the problems, and things can be dealt with before they get worse. WhatsApp trackers help you in all these matters. All the best Whatsapp trackers we have detailed here above. The links are present on our website. Click on them and avail these best apps.


Q. Is it possible to track WhatsApp locations?

Yes, you can track Whatsapp locations with Whatsapp tracker.

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