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10 Best Horror Games For Android in 2023

If you want to have some adventure in your life and are looking for scary games then you can entertain yourself from here today. We have listed below a long list of interesting edventure best horror games for android for you that you can play on your Android or any device to spend your time completing difficult levels and keep yourself busy. By playing these horror games you can keep yourself awake and stay awake at night with fear. Here you will find world famous horror games whichever of them you want to play is up to you. So get ready to experience any horror game.  If you are very disturbed by ads then also check the best ad blockers apps for android.

Top 10 Horror Games For Android

1. Limbo Adventure Game

First of all we are telling you about the Limbo horror game which is a popular horror game with interesting levels. This is an interesting story that will offer you various thrilling moments. You will find yourself in a strange environment to complete the missions of this game. 

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The dark horror scene of this game will amaze you and keep you attached to the screen for hours. There are not too many difficult stages but as soon as you start playing the Limbo game it will be stuck in your mind. Here you have to face unique challenges in which no one zombie will harass you and I hope you can complete the levels without any difficulty. You can download from google playstore.

2. Distraint Adventure Game

Distraint is a game developed with horror and interesting story. Here you don’t have to make any jumps to complete the game. The horror atmosphere of this game is amazing and exciting. Its fabulous sounds further add to its interest. Creepy sounds while playing the game create a great atmosphere. 

If you want to get instant experience with this then why delay and click on the download button now. Its visual system is very good and its controls aren’t difficult either. The top 10 horror games for android are not too complicated and difficult. I hope you will like these games a lot if you are playing them for the first time. If you have played them before, you won’t find it difficult to understand them. 

3. Five Nights At Freddy’s-Action Game

Five Nights At Freddys offers you an ultimate horror experience. You can get the best experience by playing it on your Android. Here you have to cross the fearsome passages while jumping. Along the way you will encounter monsters that increase the difficulty. The darkness will increase so manage the light and solve the puzzles. Do everything you can to keep yourself alive.

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4. Oxenfree-Adventure Game

This is a fantastic adventure game with awesome functions. To start the game you will get a group of friends that you have to join. Embark on a spooky adventure. Here you can enjoy the game without jumping. If you don’t like jumping then this is the best game for you. Be thoughtful in this game and execute each dialogue correctly. This game can only run on NetFlix so you must have NetFlix on your device if you want to enjoy this game.

5. Bendy And The Ink Machine-Adventure Game

This Bendy And The Ink Machine game wants your full attention. Here you will find various new puzzles to solve. Monsters will be encountered along the way.  The game is designed with stunning graphics. If you are a fan of the best horror games for android free, this one will please you immensely. The story of this game gives you the experience of going through amazing steps.

6. The Baby In Yellow-Simulation Game

The Baby In Yellow game is a bit different from other horror games. The child with bright yellow horror eyes is the main character of the game.  As you progress through the game, you have to go through various complex paths with countless scary scenes. Enjoy these top 10 horror games for android offline amazing games on your Android. This unique horror game gives you the best experience.

7. Fran Bow-Adventure

Fran plays the main character in this game. Here you will face complex problems. Fran is a feary girl who has seen her parents brutally die. Fran is in a deep trauma and you have to help her to recover from the trauma. Preserve the terrible odds and help the girl. There are different chapters of this game which you have to download.

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8. Eyes

It is an interesting horror game that attracts a lot of people. This game is full of challenges. If you are one of the fans of horror games then you are in the right place because this game is exactly according to your thinking. Various types of monsters will be seen. The scary sounds and scary scenes of the game make the game more scary.

9. The Walking Dead

The outcome of the game depends on what you decide. Make every decision carefully. The engaging story of the game adds to the fun of playing the game. Different seasons of this game are available in separate sections.  It has at least five seasons. The previous season must be completed to get the next season.

10. Doom

It’s not as scary as other horror games. Enjoy this gameplay on your Android right away. It is designed with fabulous graphics. This game is the best source of entertainment. You can easily play high graphics horror games for android on your Android.


Q. Are Horror games good for the brain?

Horror games help refresh your mind and help your brain to be active. It is also important to keep the mind active. The scariest horror games for android give you a good experience that prepares you for any difficult situations in advance. 

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